Monday, April 03, 2006


America has been Bush Whack

How bad can things get in President Bush last term is the question. To hear the Republican Party’s talking points about the war in Iraq and the nations economy is a flashback to Ken Lay pep talk to the people of Enron six weeks before they went bust. The Republican and Democrat Parties have lost focus to what is in the best interest of the nation. Too often out of greed and or incompetence our Federal elected leaders are serving those who pay their way. Many of the Washington lobbies and members of Congress actions are no better that treason and bank robbery. If the Washington lobbyists lobbied the private sector in the same manner as they do Congress it would be called bribery and extortion. The shell game Congress and the White House are playing with the American taxpayers money is the biggest threat to America’s nation security.

Between the insurance companies and military industries complex the American people are being taken to the cleaners. Before things can really get better there needs to be major changes in the leaders of the nation as well as political system. The United States Federal government must be down size by as much as 50% bringing it back to within the role of the Constitution. It is the corporate welfare that needs to be cut and the social welfare that needs to be improved making it more effective. The lost of common sense and the greed for more money and power by the leaders of the nation have taken the nation in the wrong direction.

Things will only changes for the better once the United States economy implodes. Only then the American people will stand-up and take notice to the hypocrisy and criminal acts of those people in power. Yes there are good leaders trying to do the right thing but they are silence by the establishment in which they are trap. Nobody wants to rock a boat that is speeding out of control in the wrong direction. Between the government deficit spending and the international oil crisis. America days of doing business as normal are limited.

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