Saturday, April 29, 2006


When the Right is Wrong the Left is Right

More and more American people believed that President Bush and his administration told untruth about going to War in Iraq. Most everything the far left said about the out come of the Iraq War is coming true today. The Neocons the architects of the Iraq War and the religious right the main voting block supporting the Iraqi War will blame the left when they lose the war in Iraq. The first steps are being taken by the extreme right to separate the War on Terror from the War in Iraq. Today a Civil War is going on in Iraq that the United States and British started with their military invasion. The situation on the ground is getting worst for most of the people in Iraq with the exception in the North in the Kurdish section of Iraq. Today in Iraq the unemployment is still over 40% with over 25 thousand innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed.

Over two thousands American soldiers killed in Iraq and over 100 thousands Iraqi fighters killed. The recruitment of new soldiers is down in America and the recruitment of Iraqi fighters is on the increase by most accounts. Before the Iraq War began the Central Intelligence Agencies and the Joint Chief of Staff were advising against militarily taking over Iraq because of the very problems in Iraq today. It is all part of the public record in their testimony before Congress leading up to the invasion of Iraq. The lies and political miss calculations the Bush Administration made in going to war in Iraq, will go down in history as one of America greatest blunders.

What is so upsetting to so many people on the left that were against the Iraq War before it began. Is the rhetoric of many of the religious self-righteous extremists in America. United against a women’s Right to Choose while supporting every war America has fought in the name of God. Who gave the American religious right the divine power to pass judgment over the people of the world and their neighbors to live up to their standards, religious and political beliefs.

Yes there are many people in America who believe that their nation is on the wrong track going the wrong way. Whether it is the 2 trillion dollars the Bush Administration has added to the National Debt in five years with a Congress and Senate controlled by the Republicans or the lies told about going to War in Iraq. As many innocent Muslims have paid a high price for America’s reaction to 9-11 so too will many innocent American pay a high price for America’s War in Iraq. Where the American people are divided on the War of Iraq most of the people in the Muslim world are opposes to the War in Iraq.

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