Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Billions of People Want to see Peace

There are billions of people who want to see peace between the Israelis and Palestinian people in the world. With a few extremists on both sides preventing it from happening. For the Israelis who are the hand in control to let a few Palestinian extremists dictate when the leaders from the two sides will meet is wrong. The seeds we sow determine the crops we reap. For the Israeli government to use the fence off Gaza Strip as an example in preventing suicide bombers was an open invitation. There is no defense for any society to use children or for that matter any human being as a walking time bomb. It is the strength and overwhelming power of the Israelis forces that has put the Palestinian society into such dyer-straights that they have turned to suicide bombers as their only weapon of offence. The conditioning of the people of Israel to serve in active military duty forming a religious military state has only made the matter worst.

Peace is possible if both sides move away from their extreme positions and are willing to really negotiate. Both sides will have to give-up on some of their demands if they want for a long lasting peace. Only with things getting better on both sides will peace have a chance. If the same amount of resource and energy we put into fighting wars was put into peace what a different world we would have. The benefits both sides would receive with peace would be overwhelming support from the global community of nations.

The State of Israel modifying their policies and greatly reducing their retaliatory military actions against the Palestinians. With Israel withdrawing from the Gaza Strip and West Bank putting the pressure on the Palestinians people to reform their ways in dealing with the Israeli Jewish people and state. Only by working as a team can things get better for people on both sides. This will vary in time, rate, and degree for different people and nations but it must start with the Israeli government. Only the Israeli government has the power and control to make the needed changes towards peace.

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