Thursday, February 02, 2006


Cheap Oil for Protection

Whether it is the influence of social engineering by governments or religion it is part of the evolution of the human race. Today in the Middle East the tension and disparity among the people from social engineering is so evident and clear for the world to see. For over a thousand years the people of the Middle East have been under the occupation of another foreign government. The exploitation of the people and their natural resources is the driving factor of most foreign occupation.

With so much of the Middle Eastern oil wealth in the hands of a few people. Deals for protection for a guarantee steady flow of cheap oil have been made. So much of the Middle East oil wealth is taken out of the region and invested in the western nations. Too many Middle Eastern nations today are closed societies that every person has their place often with no job opportunities. No real economy other than oil, religion and servicing and protecting the wealthy.

It is time for many of the Middle Eastern nations to change from mid-evil Kingdoms into the Twenty-First Century nations similar to England or Jordan. Where there is more oil in the ground the resistance to change will be the greatest. Only be redirecting a large portion of the Middle East oil dollars can the needed changes be made. Fewer Middle Eastern dollars spent on military and more money spent on improving the infrastructure of the region. A higher level of respect must be given to the natural resources and environment the creator gave us. A balance between needs and what we want has to be made between people and nations.

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