Thursday, February 16, 2006


Is it Truth or a Lie

It is so painful to hear our educated elected leaders quoting the extreme elements of our enemies in making their case to go to war or to undermine and overthrow a government. The current ways of the Jewish State of Israel will bring the world to an end, as we know it today. Before we get to the end of the path the United States will look more like the State of Israel. A military police state under occupation with few friends and many enemies. If a person were to study the fabric of society of their allies as close as we do to their enemies, you might see a different picture. So much of what is called “Israeli Intelligent Information” is really propaganda to feed their cause.

Many leaders in America who support the current actions of the State of Israel have belittled the Holocaust by comparing Saddam or Iran to Hitler and the Nazi. When and where will the last invasion of an Islamic nation be for the security of the Jewish State of Israel? Only with United States backing the State of Israel can they take on the Arab nations as they are doing today. There is more hate and animosity by many Arab Muslim people towards the Jewish State of Israel for many good reason that are apart of the modern history. Only the American people have heard the Israeli side while turning a blind eye to the Islamic side. Today the supporters of Israel will tell you how they are the victims and not the victors.

A person would just have to fly over the Holy Land to see the conditions on the two sides. The living conditions of many of the Palestinian people are closer to the worst in the world. While the living conditions of most of the Jewish Israelis would compare to some of the best living conditions in the world. The social and economic injustices that have taken place over the last sixty years in the Holy Land as well as the Arab world are enough to start a war.

Only by defusing an already volatile situation can there be a peaceful solution. By feeding the fire more ammo on an already explosive situation, it will blow up and be out of control creating a back draft. The United States and the State of Israel have to make major changes in the manner and way they are going to start to address some of the problems in the Middle East. It is better to lead by example and be followed than by gunpoint. The bottom line is most mothers and fathers want the same things for their children and most children want a good long life with food in their home and a roof over their head.

Exactly, modern day slavery thrives within the Palestinian psyche courtesy of America.

My soul bears pain, some day Palestinians will be at peace soon; as they suffer the world too will feel the wrath of knowing that their 'blindness' and silence created so much turmoil!

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