Sunday, February 19, 2006


American Indian Nation Reservation

This is a brief outline to a vision that should be done as part of restitution to the American Indians. A new American Indian Reservation should be created in behalf of the American Indians as a Nation. 50% of this new Indian Reservation will be commercial and 50% will be private. The American Indian Nation Reservation (AINR) will have several different missions in education and preservation of the culture of the American Indians.

A portion of the commercial part of the AINR will be made up of recreated working villages of different American Indian Tribal communities similar to Williamsburg, Mystic Sea Port or Old Sturbridge Village. Descendants of the American Indians will be given first priority to the jobs on the reservation. The recreation of a few early European settlements and trading posts will surround the Indian villages connected by an old train. This will be cultural theme park that will portray a day in the life of the American Indians.

An American Indian Summer Camp for the young people will be developed as part of the American Indian Nation Reservation (AINR). This camp will contain a one of a kind learning experience that will build bridges of understanding between the American Indians culture and modern American youth. As well as a seasonal summit school program for school trips will operate out of the summer camp facilities.

As part of the AINR there will be the American Indian University (AIU) that will encourage descendants of American Indians to a higher education. The AIU will be open to all American students while trying to maintain a high percent of American Indian students. The courses taught at AIU will be influenced by the culture of the American Indians. Scholars from AIU will help in the research and design of the Indian villages. There will be a program for low-income students to work on AINR in exchange for tuition at AIU.

The private section of American Indian Nation Reservation will be closed to the general public. It will be will be a place the American Indians can develop their own private community. Many of the American Indians living on the reservation will work there too. Cottage industrial enterprises will be encouraged on the reservation. There will be a commercial section within the private section for Indian only business.

The American Indian Nation Reservation (AINR) can be the Capital of the Nation of American Indians creating an American Indian tribal union. Together the American Indians can work on projects that would be for the enrichment of the American Indians as a whole nation. A high court of tribal affairs would be created to settle tribal disputes among the American Indian tribes. With the American Indians establishing their own institutions and economy their concern and interests can be properly addressed. The American Indians need a reservation that can become the nucleus to all of the Indian Reservations in North America. American Indian Organizations and business that are national business operation will be encourage to have their headquarters on the AINR. New American Indian business will open up to serve the needs of the American Indian community as a nation.

Financing for AINR will come in several different forms. A Federal tax collected on the revenues from the Indian casinos as well as on the natural resources taken from Indian land. This will help in the financial transparency to the dealing with American Indian Nations today. Most of the land needed to create AINR could come from already existing federal parkland with private donors raising money to buy the private land adjacent to complete the reservation. As a token to the way illegal matters are going to be dealt with in the future concerning the American Indians. Part of the fines from the Jack Abramoff scandal should be the seed money to start American Indian Nation Reservation (AINR). Both the modern day American people and the American Indians have a lot to learn from one and another.

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