Wednesday, February 08, 2006



The United States with many other nations made revolutionary changes bringing the people of the world closer to Utopia. Many of the revolutionary changes that nations made were universal. These changes made new things possible opening new doors of opportunities. The nations at the top and the nations at the bottom came to the middle creating balance and cooperation between most nations of people. With fewer major man made problems in the world the people of nations could focus on the natural disasters. This brought together nations of people creating a new stronger bond between them with more understanding.

It was the instillation of many new changes that brought about the new realities on the ground around the world. One being no greater than another but combined it made new ways and things possible. The model that the nations of the world moved towards was similar to the socialist Scandinavian nation. The nations with large central government downsized giving more power to the local government and the international organizational platforms. The nations with weak central governments strengthen the federal government creating a stronger Rule of Law within the nation.

The initial major changes disrupted business as usually for a short period of time but afterwards things were so much better. With the people and universities of the world focusing on some of the old problems that had been plaguing the world for so many years new answers are found. The biggest changes came about from the international down sizing of the military industrial complex. Freeing up new resources for humanitarian projects for the developing nations of the world.

David, one mans "Utopia" is another mans "Hell". Besides you don't want to live in Utopia, no passion, no competition, no striveing to make yourself better. Much like the scandinavian nations, you seem to admire. Yeah, their take care of you "cradel to grave", yet their not exactly movers and shakers ae they?
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