Monday, February 20, 2006


Middle East Military Arms Race

What gives the United States the divine right to say who can and who cannot have nuclear capabilities in the world? It is acceptable for our allies such as the State of Israel to violate the Rules to International Laws while we enforce them to the letter of the law on her neighbors. For many years the Israeli government has had the worst kept secret the Dimona Nuclear Project. Unofficially it reported that Israel possess 200 to 400 nuclear warheads. On the record Israel ranking number one out of all the nations in the world in military expenditures and the amount of military weapons per-capita. Israel a religious military state ranks forth in the world for conventional arms exports per capita.

Many of Israel’s Islamic neighbors feel very threaten by the militaristic State of Israel and her actions. Historical the Arab nations and people have never been innovators in the military world of weapons and armies. Most of the modern military weapons bought, traded or sold in the Middle East are made in the western industrial nations or Russia. The United States consist military aid to the State of Israel has escalated the military arms race in the Middle East to a point it is out of control. This military arms race has been a great disadvantage to the Arab people especially the Palestinian people. Only the State of Israel and the United States military industrial complex has profited from this military arms race with the wealthy Arab oil nations paying all the way.

The United States government morally and financially supports the State of Israel acts of terror committed on a daily basis onto the Palestinian society. Almost every nation’s government in the world believes the Palestinian people are the victims in this life long conflict except for the United States government and a few well-connected American Jewish groups. Too much of our government’s intelligence information on Middle Eastern Affairs comes from sources close to Israel. The Middle East would be a much safer place if no one had any nuclear weapons including the State of Israel.

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