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Next Step on the Road Map to Peace

The next step on the Road Map to Peace is for the State of Israel to start to remove the Jewish Settlers from the West Bank. With International humanitarian forces helping the Palestinian people rebuild their infrastructure. The words of both sides have to be match by their deeds and actions as we move toward implementing the Peace Plan. One of the major problems of the Oslo Accords was what was being said at the negotiating table did not reflect the actions on the streets. During the Oslo Accords the size of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip nearly doubled. The mantra of both sides has to change as the extremists on both side become inflamed with the progress towards peace.

The State of Israel and the United States have to come to terms with the United Nations and the global community of nations. Realizing the only way the Road Map to Peace has a chance is on a multi-lateral platform. It is the make up of this platform that has to be decided and implemented. With NATO, United Nations, Arab League, Israel, and the United States developing a plan of action. With Egypt and Jordan having diplomatic connections with Israel they should be the founding members with this new group (MEP) with the United States being a supporting member.

A new organization Middle East Peace (MEP) will be established from nations in the Middle East and the global community that are committed to peace and coexistences among their neighbors. The primary focus of the MEP will be network with other international organizations on implementing a regional master peace plan. The make up of the MEP board will be 1/3 Israeli, 1/3 Palestinian, and 1/3 International with half of them being Americans. Some of the same people that are on the Commission of the Old City of Jerusalem will also work for MEP.

All of the member nations of MEP agree to normalize relations with the State of Israel as a non-occupying country living within International Laws and regional treaties. Israel will normalize relations with the members of MEP. MEP will be the platform for regional issues and areas of disagreements between MEP members. The Primary Members will be counties from the Middle East Region and Supporting Members will be other nation from outside the Middle East region.

The Israeli government will agree to the following conditions with the United States guarantying the State of Israel security within their international recognized boarders.

· The Israelis will demilitarize their society and live within the conditions of the Middle East Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.

· Israel will follow the guide lines (MEP) Middle East Peace

· The Israeli settlers must move back to Israel proper or apply for a Settlement Stay that will be consider on individual cases.

· The Jewish people migration to Israel will be limited to the number of Palestinian people Right to Return. In both cases the applicant will have to go before a review board.

· The State of Israel will agree to recognize the Old City of Jerusalem as an International City for the foreseeable future.

· Israel will revise their Property Laws and zoning within the State of Israel including the un-recognized Palestinian Villages.

· The State of Israel will help in the re-construction of the infrastructure Palestinian State.

· The State of Israel will leave the de-populated Israeli Settlements in good condition as part of their contribution.

The Palestinian Right to Return must be changed to Privilege to Return with two different ways. The first will be the privilege to return to the State of Palestine and the second will be the privilege to the State of Israel. In each case the applicant must apply for citizenship and go before one of two boards for approval. The Palestinian Board of Return and the Israeli Board of Return will be similar in make up with two Palestinian members and two Israeli members and one international member. The Boards will review the applicant’s application taking into consideration of the reason one wants to return. If an applicant is denied they have the right to go before the Board of Appeal that will review the case.

There should be a moratorium place on the migration of Jewish people migrating to the State Israel until the resettlement of the Jewish Settlers from the West Bank, and the settlements surrounding Jerusalem. When the moratorium is lifted then the Jewish people who were born in Israel and those who have first families move to the top of the list. Those who have citizenship to Palestine and Israel that are abroad will not be effected by the moratorium. Once the moratorium is lifted the number of new Jewish emigrates to the State of Israel will be determined by the formula to keep all in balance. Stabilizing the population in Israel and Palestine is very important because of the lack of fresh water in the region as well as developing a peaceful two state solution.

A temporary United Nations Court for Land Disputes (UNCLD) will be established in this region. This court will be over seen by the Quartet and financed by the global community of nations. The UNCLD is not a criminal court it will be authorized only to settle land disrupts between the different parties. This court will operate with in their own by-laws with the international community creating a fund that the UNCLD will use to help settle some of these personal land disputes. A balance between justice for the parties involved and what is in the best interest of the local community at large will be apart of the settlements. This court will be used to help in the reparation of those that have lost their property. The government of Israel within Israel proper will provide some land and housing for some of the Israeli settlers that will have to relocate without displacing any more Palestinian people.

The social injustices that the State of Israel has supported in the past against the Palestinian people with in Israel proper will have change to meet the standers of the International Human Rights Laws. A number of the Un-Recognized Arab Village will become enterprise zones to bring the public service up to the same stander as the rest of the other villages in Israel. With both States relying on a lot of International aid in the past, the future funds and programs paid for with international funds will be monitor by the Quartet and will be totally transparent.

A twenty-year master zoning and development plan is needed by the State of Israel and the State of Palestine that will have too be approved by the Quartet. With the International community paying for a major part of some of these projects and programs.

The case why the Old City of Jerusalem should be an International City as outline in the United Nation Security Council Resolution 181of 1948 is clearer than ever before. Resolution 181 was the first step the international community of nations took towards the two state solution between the Moslems and Jewish people. Going on the premise “What is right for one side should be for the other side too”. For one side to control the religious sites of the other would be unfair and wrong. With the recent actions of both sides and the current level of tension between the people it has become quite apparent that only with international intervention that is fair and neutral can peace and security have a chance. An international commission 1/3 Jewish, 1/3 Muslim, 1/3 Christen, with a 50% local people and 50% people from outside the region should be set up to run the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Old City of Jerusalem Charter should be established and approve by the commission. This Charter should include some of the following;

· The Old City of Jerusalem will be a weapon free zone.

· All faiths will be able to practice their religion’s believes as long as it does not cause harm to others or themselves.

· The politics of the Old City of Jerusalem will remain neutral between the State of Israel and the State of Palestine.

· The Israeli government and Palestinian government will have there own representatives as part of the International Old City of Jerusalem.

The Jewish Settlements surrounding Jerusalem will be divided between the State of Israel and the Old City of Jerusalem. The former Jewish Settlements of Jerusalem that become part of the Old City of Jerusalem will have a different charter than the rest. Most of the Jewish Settlers will have to move back to the State of Israel. With 25% of the Jewish people staying, willing to live under the new coming conditions, with the Housing Boards approval. 25% of the housing will be opened to Palestinians who apply to the Housing Boards and get approved. For the foreseeable future the other 50% will be International workers that are part of the team to bring peace to the region. The Housing Board will be made up of three internationalists, one Israeli and one Palestinian. All may retain their respective country’s citizenship.

The Israeli government will be responsible for the removal of the Jewish Settlers from Palestine and the Old City of Jerusalem. The Israeli government will establish new settlements within Israel proper for the settlers to relocate. The Jewish Settlers who cooperate in the re-settlement will have first priority in new housing and reimbursements. The Jewish Settlers that fight the changing times and ways will be handled by Israeli authorities until the agreed upon deadline. The State of Israel will be reasonable for any of the damages to the settlements until they are turned over to the International Forces.

Realizing than no final plan will be fare to all people but it must be fair to both greater societies as a whole. What is fair for one side should be for the other side as well. Logic and common sense have not been heard only a repeating of the same old rhetoric by the extremists on both sides. The conditions and circumstances combined with the religious indoctrination on both sides are what make it such a volatile situation silencing the voice of the moderates. There are no solutions that will right the wrongs of the past, only the possibility of changing the wrongs of today creating a chance for a better tomorrow for future generations to come.

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