Wednesday, February 15, 2006


At War with the World

It is political and socially acceptable to calls for revolutionary changes from the right wing as Newt Gingridge. If someone calls for a revolutionary changes from the left wing it is perceived by the establishment as treason and a threat to the nation’s security. The people on the right, the so-called conservatives who have never been against any of the wars that the United States has been involved in. Many liberals are divided on the United States government act of war, maybe with the exceptions of World War I and II as well as the 1991 Gulf War and the war in Afghanistan in which the majority supported. When the conservatives lose a war such as the Viet Nam War they blame it on the liberals for dividing the country support for more war. Very few people profit from war while many people lose life or limbs.

Since the end of World War II the United States has been a global supper power dictating its policies onto the world to secure the United States national interests. Today the national interest of the United States intrudes on the national interest of many oil-exporting nations. Any nation’s leader that tries to nationalize their oil reserves becomes an enemy of the international oil companies as well as the United States government.

The excessive consumption of the world’s natural resources by the people of the United States is jeopardizing the security of peace in the world. The people in most nations do not have the same level of responsibility for the way things are in the world today as the American people. The foreign policies of Sweden or Jamaica do not have the same global impact as the foreign policies of the United States. The oil policies of any combination of two or three major oil exporting nations could cripple the industrial world over night.

For the last 50+ years the United States has been the main rulers of the so-called free world. The United States is the youngest of any of the world’s ruling nations in history. With very little understanding of the history to the world around them, the American people and government have gone to war with people and nations of cultures they do not understand. The political and economic toll of the Iraq War on the United States has put world’s peace and global stability on the edge of collapse. Without major revolution changes of the policies and actions of the federal government of the United States the future of the people of the world looks very bleak. This must happen in domestic and foreign policies, changing the relationship between the federal and state government as well as the United States Federal government relationship with other federal governments around the world.

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