Monday, February 06, 2006


Religious Right + Ivy League = George Bush

President Bush has weaken the United States national defense and security unlike any other President. The government’s first response to rescue the victims of Hurricane Katrina is a good example. Louisiana State National Guard has seventeen helicopters with fitheen them in Iraq during Hurricane Katrina as well as their fleet of platoon boats. Over three thousand of Louisiana first response personnel were in Iraq during Hurricane Katrina with much of the state equipment needed for disaster relief.

Those in politics who profit from wars and disasters such as Halliburton - Cheney and Bechtel - George Shultz are undermining the national security of the United States. The hundreds of billions of dollars the United States government spends in the name of national defense goes into the pockets of a very few corporations. At what level does a conflict of interest arise between a person position in private life and a person holding a high-level government position dealing with the company of your former employer.

George Bush ran for President saying he was going to raise the moral standards in government and cut federal government spending. When in reality as President he has miss led the American people into a War of Choice while sending the national debt sky high weakening the nations national security. The State National Guards are the first responders in a time of national crisis. Hurricane Katrina a nature disaster of biblical proportion that had been predicted and contemplated by many people for years happened. One million Americans made homeless with 65% to 70% of the first responders with only 50% of their equipment at home. The people of Louisiana and Mississippi face a challenge like never before in American. Many people today in Iraq can understand and relate to the conditions of the people in the Gulf region first hand.

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