Saturday, February 25, 2006


What’s the Problem?

Our elected Federal leaders are so removed from Main Street American while they are working in hollow castles lined with marble and gold. If the Board of Directors in the private sector acted in the same manor as our federally elected officials they would be indicted on a whole host of crimes. Major reform is needed within the government in its relationship to the corporations and Main Street America. The United States Federal Government has over stepped its bounds in its foreign and domestic policies. With too many promises made with many of them about to be broken. The lack of balance and common sense with no real long term planning for what is in the greater interest of society at large. The greed of a few people, have taken over the system to serve their own self-interest.

Most people will agree the system is broken and needs to be fixed. They will blame it on the political party on the other side while defending the political leaders of their party of choice. The people who cry out the loudest against socialism are lining their pockets of cash from government programs. Whether they are a doctor, lawyer, farmer, civil servant, corporate defense worker or a GI trying to collect their veteran’s benefits.

Today so many Americans take so much for granted with no real perspective on what life’s reality is for the majority of the people in the world. The spending habits of the American people and United States government are jeopardizing the future security of the people in the world. The old saying, “Follow the money to solve the crime” this will often bring you back to America. The American people and the people of the world are being raped by the policies and actions of the United States government. Major changes are needed within the American system to make it possible for other nations to change their ways for the better.

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