Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Global Base Currency

One of the Americas greatest strengths is also apart of one of our greatest weakness the relationship of the United States dollar to the global economy. It is a double edge sword at the end of its time. A new global currency with a formula based on the value of some major international currencies including the price of a barrel of oil. Creating this index to create a global base currency to determine the value of other counties national currencies relationship to others. This currency will only be in circulation between the federal reserve of one nation and another nation in electronic form.

Taking a lot of the pressure off of the American dollar as the global base currency, helping to stabilize the currencies of the nations around of the world. As it is now the currency of the other nations is based on a comparison to the United States dollar. The politics of the United States and its relationship with the individual nation often affects that nations currency. For the allies the better and for a foes the worst depending upon the politics of the United States. The world price of a barrel of oil being the wild card in the currency markets can be a destabilizing factor in the international monetary system.

Strengthening the Universal system on the economic, political, and social level will help balance the future direction of the world. Developing a universal set of standard and practices that the majority of the world agrees too. By increasing the role of the non-profit NGOs on a global level we can utilize the resources of the good people improving the lives of others. Good social domestic programs promoted on an international level customized to the individual problem and regional culture. With more of the world’s natural resource being used in humanitarian ways creating more cooperation and less conflict. With a stronger diplomatic role on a universal level there will be fewer international military wars among nations. Without a strong diplomatic table to bring our difference too, there will be no table at all.

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