Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Information War in America

As with the print and mass media in America it is much easy to get the Israeli side of the story than the Palestinian side of the story on the Internet. The Israeli side of the story is much more polished and professional presented by the Americas mass media. Only in United States have the Israeli gotten away with labeling the Palestinians as our enemy and terrorists discrediting any of their sources for information. Because most of the Americas have heard the Israeli side of the story often right out of their own mouths. The Palestinian side of the story has been muffled and distorted in the information war in America.

The majority of the Jewish people with money and clout are behind the State of Israel unconditionally. From the very beginning the fight for Israel was well financed and organized by the community of international Jewish people who were united. On the other hand the Palestinian people receiving little united support from their Arab neighbors who have been very divided among themselves on the answers to this crisis. With the exception of condemning the government of Israel actions in there fight for the Greater State of Israel.

Not until the religious extremists are rained in on both sides will we find the answer to this conflict. As the religious Jewish extremists have a great deal of clout in Israeli government so do the Evangelical Christian extremists in the United States. Evangelical TV preachers of war such as Jerry Farwell and Pat Roberson have raised the stakes making us our own worst enemy in the War on Terror. Often the demons are found in the messengers who preach the word of God on both sides of this crisis.

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