Monday, February 13, 2006


Religion Military Oil

With Judaism being the older that Christianity and Islam they all have a connection in the Holly Land. A land that attracts so many of highly religiously indoctrinated people of these three faiths. Making the Palestinian-Israeli conflict so very volatile. The fact that three different religions have their religious indoctrinated beliefs that vary in what they believe to be the truth. Combined with the demographic of the population of the region with so much of the world’s oil. Over a billion Muslims or Christians in the world with less than 20 million Jewish people. The industrial nations are consuming most of the world’s oil with this being the root to many of the economic and social injustices in the world today. The United States consuming 25% of the world’s oil making up less than 5% world’s population. There is no way the rest of the world’s people can raise their standard of living as the people in the industrial world did today with oil. There are not enough oil reserves in the world for the rest of the world’s people to consume oil the way the America people do today.

One side producing while the other side is consuming is the way the world looks to many people today. The capitalist oil consuming nations with the United States the leading the way using their military forces as well as political and economic policies to guarantee a steady supply of oil. Often creating the leaders of nations (power brokers) keeping them divided from the majority of their people. So they have to rely on us for their personal security to their power. How one perceive global, national and local issue is greatly influence by the position one views them.

The religiously indoctrinated people of one faith being united will be separated and divided from other people of other faiths in their belief to the truth. The combination of religious fervor, modern military weapons and oil is a dangerous combination. Many of the mistakes of today are built on mistakes from the past making the problem worst. Only by unraveling some of the wrongs of yesterday and today will we be able to have a safe and secure tomorrow.

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