Saturday, February 18, 2006


History to the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis

If one is going to try to solve the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis you can only go back so far in the timeline. The Biblical aspect in the timeline must be discounted with the exceptions of the physical locations of the historical religious site of today. Going back further than the 1900’s you will not help find the answers to the problems of today. The early1900's were the beginning the Zionist movement in Europe for a Jewish state and coming into the final years of the Ottoman Empire rule of the Holly Land. The British Empire took over control of the Holy Land until the creation of the Jewish State of Israel in 1947. The 50 years preceding the establishment of the new State of Israel to present time is the important period to understanding the history of the problems today. Historical control of Jerusalem was the golden jewel of the Empires of the old world. Today Jerusalem is at the roots of so much of the tension in the world.

Back in modern history the Jewish people are people of the world not within no one nation or region of the world. The Arab people are of nations within one region and are not people of the world by nature. Both in Islam and Christianity spreading their word of God to other people around the world is the mission of some practitioners. Both religions have different branches of faith with many having a hierarchy giving them the ability to grow in numbers of people. On a global level the Christians and Muslims have a majority in numbers and political control of nations and regions in the world. On the other side the Jewish people are few in numbers all around the world with one newly created nation the State of Israel in a region that they are a small minority.

Understanding the religious significance of the Old City of Jerusalem to so many people around the world in three different religions. The United Nations in Resolution 181 of 1947 outlined the creation of an International National City of Jerusalem section separate from Israel and Palestine. Today 57 years after the creation of the State of Israel the reasoning behind this decision is quite apparent from the endless cycle of war. Footnotes in recorded history of the United States and the State of Israel as well as many other new nations in the world are founded with terrorisms as one of the elements. If the British government had demanded the Zionists stop their acts of terror before they end their occupation of the Holy Land there probably would not be a State of Israel today.

Menachem Begin the leader of Irgun a military underground organization blew-up the King David Hotel on July 22, 1946. Later Irgun became the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Menachem Begin became Prime Minister of Israel. The old saying one side Freedom Fighters are the other side’s terrorists. People that have no nation have no armies that are fighting in gangs and militias for their freedom from domination and oppression are labeled terrorists. On the other hand to often nations with large armies will hire mercenaries to do their acts of terrorisms off the record or they will use their armies calling it war.

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