Saturday, February 11, 2006


America War Whores

President Bush says we went to war in Iraq as a last resort. Million of Americas see it much differently as a war of President George Bush’s choice. Halliburton the former employer of Vice President Cheney gaining billions of dollars of open ended contracts in the war in Iraq. 7 to 9 billion American taxpayer dollars is reported to be unaccounted and is missing in the Iraq war. Over pricing on contracts that had no competitive bidding by the few companies who qualified for the work. The so-called International coalition is by far is United States Military backed by Soldiers of Fortunes paid for by the American taxpayer with the British number of troops a distant third.

The Neocons and the so-called conservatives will defend the United States military actions in Iraq on grounds that are constantly changing. The reaction to 9-11 by the Bush Administration has put the United States and the people world in greater danger. Today the United States has many more enemies who hate the foreign policies as well as the military and covert actions of the United States government. On one hand the United States says it want to promote democracies and freedom and on the other hand the United States government wants to dictate and control the world’s natural resources and policies in the name of national security.

The conflict of interest and lies that have been told about the War in Iraq by the Bush Administration are all part of the public record. One just has to look at the basic facts to see the truth to why as a nation the people of the United States and world are in more danger today than just a few years ago. Look at the recruiting numbers in the United States military and the state national guard around the United States. Then look at the United States national debt and the international trade deficit combined with amount of oil imported to the United States. History will record President George Bush’s reaction to 9-11 was the beginning to the downfall of the American Empire.

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