Friday, February 17, 2006


Balancing the Best Interest between the Mega Corporations

How do we get the mega corporations to realize what is in the best interest of the global community at large is in their best interest at home. The best example of this is some of the Japanese automobile companies assembling their cars all over the world closer to the market place. This is good for Japan automobile industry and it is good for the nation with the Japanese assembly plant. What are not good for the global community at large are the global corporations that flock to the nations with the lowest prevailing wages. For Europe, North America and the rest of the Developed World to compete for jobs against nations with wages that are less than the taxes paid on the employee in the developed nation is wrong. As capitalism spreads around the world it is not a level playing field.

If one went back to early American history during the 1700 and 1800 the Custom Houses would have been the prominent building of the city. There was no Federal Income Tax most of the federal revenue came from tariffs placed on imported goods. Today many imported goods are made paying little to no employees taxes and they are in competition with domestic companies that are paying a high employment taxes. The level of responsibility and liability an American employer or an employer from a developed nation has compared to an employer in a developing nation makes it near to impossible to compete.

The primary responsibility of a federal government is to protect the people of the union from outside forces. This starts at the borders and shores as it did with the early American Custom Houses and military forces. As America became a global empire the American government’s focus change to a more international perspective declaring international natural resources such as oil of another nation as part of United State’s national interests. The United States becoming the global police and prosecutor to the world is an expense on the American taxpayers that will not be able to maintain. As long as the United States foreign policy continues to alienate others making more enemies than friends we will be going down the wrong road.

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