Friday, February 03, 2006


The Jerusalem Plan

Without solving the problems surrounding the Old City Jerusalem. There will not be any peace plan that will hold up over time. The fact of the matter is that any peace plan that is fair and balance will not be agreeable to both sides and will have to be imposed, implemented and enforced. The Israelis have gained a nation at the expense of the Palestinian people who are the victims in this conflict. The Palestinian people must be compensated for their losses and the Israelis must have security within their nation. The fruits that peace will bring to the people in the Holy Land will change things for the better in the whole world.

Peace will bring tourists from all over the world to the Holy Land. The dollars brought in by tourism will create a viable economy for the people of the region. In the quest of peace and security of the region the Old City of Jerusalem is the key. As stated in United Nations Resolution 181 the Old City of Jerusalem would become an International City separate from the Jewish and Palestinian state. With so many important religious sites to the Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people it is important that neutrality and security is maintained for all people in the in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Going into the Old City of Jerusalem is a religious learning experience for almost anyone. This should be the ground for peace and learning about the religious cultures and philosophy of others. A University named “Religious University of the World” {RUW} should be built in the vicinity of the boarder of the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel and Palestine. A place that the three major religions of Moses can come together for higher religious learning with the other religious faiths of the world. Only by expanding ones knowledge and understanding of the ways of others can we coexist in peace together.

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