Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Will the People Ever Hear the Truth?

To compare the Gross National Product of today to fifty years ago is a joke. The GNP fifty years ago was based on real products that were wanted by people all over the world. Whether they were cars, building, machines or tools they created an added value to our nation. Today the GNP is based on the sales of products made somewhere else and a few things such as the movies, guns, planes, bombs, hamburger, paper, beer and food as the only things truly made in America. Yes it was an American entrepreneur that in many cases was a first generation immigrant that made many of the great advancements we take for granted today.

In the United States today the service sector is the fastest growing sector. In most cases the service sector does not add any real value to the nation economy. Too many American leaders and people have lost sight to the economic fundamentals of the stability of a modern society. So many of the formulas to the government’s statistics have changed over the years, they can’t be compared. It is not always the original cost but the cost of the up keep that has to be considered by any society.

During the late 60’s near the end of Great Britain global empire the Beatles became Great Britain’s greatest export. For short period of time the Beatles brought in more foreign currency into Great Britain economy than any other single entity. Up until 1972 the United States produced more oil than we consume. Today the United States is the largest consumer and importer of the world’s oil. During the last thirty-five years the cars and houses have gotten larger in the United States consuming more energy adding to our national trade deficit.

With a real global energy crisis looming over the world the wealthier and higher educated society consume more than their fair share of the world’s natural resources. This is the base of so many of the wars of the world today and yesterday. President Carter during the seventies tried to warn the American people about the pending global oil crisis that we face today and was undermined by the establishment. Too often it is the greed of a few people that want to preserve their power and wealth that win over what is right. So often the people are told what the establishment what they want them to hear. This is true in the United States as well as the rest of the world. When miss-information become facts that people believe then the conflicts and problems arise between the people.

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