Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Arab League Should Use the European Union a Model

If the same amount of American mass media coverage was given to every time the Israeli Defense Forces or an Israeli civilian killed an innocent Palestinian child as we do the suicide bombers. Then American people might know the truth to this conflict. Only by leveling the playing field will the truth be heard. One of the tools making the playing field level is the Internet. Each side has the ability to transmit and receive information global almost instantaneously. As the Palestinians are out gunned militarily by the Israelis so too are the Palestinians behind on the usage of computer technology and the Internet.

The Arab League should take a leading role in the humanitarian aid that is needed to rebuild Palestine. Starting with the Gaza the international community of nations should help rebuild and upgrade the infrastructure of Gaza. Using the Gaza as model for the West Bank and other deprived Arab communities of people. Every nation and region should have room for the communities of people who want the ways of the new world or of the old world.

Many people are at odds with the ways of their nation. It is managing these differences in a civilized manner that bring people and nations together in peace and times of trouble. It would be much better to bring about the needed changes in the world in a peaceful way rather than in war. This can only be done diplomatically using tools instead of weapons. Today the United States and the rest of the world do not have enough trained forces for these types of humanitarian missions.

For a fraction of the cost of what has been spent on war in the Middle East the needed changes could be made for the better creating more peace and security than any war ever could. Only by taking a sane approach to the problems will the needed changes come about. Israel is not the only problem in the Middle East they are just in the center.

Unless some of the wealthy Arab nations step up and take a leading role in solving some of the problems and issues confronting the poorer Arab people. There will be no end to the civil unrest in the Middle East. The Arab League should use the European Union as their model in trying to resolve some of the problems in the Middle East. Only by people and nations working together can the needed changes be made to bring peace about.

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