Sunday, February 26, 2006


Big Spending Republicans

Most people in the middle to left of American politics do not hate George W. Bush as a person. They hate many of the policies of President Bush’s Administration. The Neocons, religious right, military industrial complex, and capital-intensive big business are strongly behind the Republican Party. The Republicans claiming to be fiscal conservatives yet in five years the Bush Administration with a Republican Congress and Senate controlled have raised the American National Debt by over two trillion dollars.

Most of the American military hawks are Republicans while most of the doves are liberals with many of the Democrats on the fence. In American federal politics it is political suicide to stand up against the military industrial complex. The Republican Party are the big spenders on the military industrial complex and big business welfare programs often in the name of national security. Because the Democrats tend to be more liberal than the Republicans, the Democratic Party is more fractured and inclusive while the Republican Party is more united and focused on their narrow vision to the way things should be.

The Democratic Party while in control of the White House over the last 50 years has added less than three trillion dollars to the national debt. While the Republicans had control of the White House over the last 26 years they have added over five trillions dollars to the national debt. Yet, the Democrats are labeled the big spenders and the Republicans are labeled the fiscally conservatives. The amount of money the United States government borrows from the world’s capital market is a crime against humanity. Spending the hundreds of billions of dollars on war and the military industrial complex. This will make it so you will not have the resources to spend on the humanitarian projects that are greatly needed to improve the lives of people who are less fortunate.

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