Wednesday, February 01, 2006


International Peace Keeping Forces (IPKF)

It is more evident than ever before that the people of the world need an International Peace Keeping Forces (IPKF). The IPKF would be a permanent on going operation dealing with the hot spots around the world. Non-partisan the IPKF mission is to bring peace within a nations opening the door for the humanitarian NGOs. Creating a multi-lateral IPKF working on a universal platform. The IPKF will work in conjunction with the United Nations, NATO, Organization of the American States, Arab League and other international and regional organizations. There will be three main types of IPKF worker:

A. Career IPKF workers
B. Term IPFK worker for a specific period of time generally under two years
C. IPFK workers that are on salary from another country’s government or an international organization

The Charter of the IPKF will have two main operations. With the first operation being on the ground security for the international humanitarian NGOs creating Green Zones of safety, and the second operation being the training of indigenous security forces. The Charter of the IPKF will only include the defensive position of operation and not an offensive position. The sponsor nation or nations with their military forces will guarantee the security of the IPKF. The IPKF will operate more as a National Guard than an army. Only after the military war is over and both sides agree will the IPKF enter the county. Setting a new protocol for the international humanitarian NGOs and the giving of foreign aid. There will be regional divisions of the IPKF with one another helping and supporting the other in time of need.

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