Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Iraq Plan for Peace

One of the main objections that many people had to the United States military invasion of Iraq was there was no defined military mission with no exit strategy. As with any major operation a constant reevaluation of the plan of operation has to be made. Only by dealing with the facts and realities on the ground in Iraq can we start to understand the problems. The majority of Arab people before the 2003 invasion of Iraq hated the United States government’s foreign policies. Today the majority of the people around the world hate United States government’s foreign policies. This is not to say they hate the American people or the American way of life.

With the overthrow of Saddam a vacuum was created in tribal society that the majority of the people only knew the autocratic rule of law. Iraq was once a prospering and thriving society that became dis-functional after the 1991 Gulf War with the sanction and restriction placed on them by the United Nations that were enforced by United States and Great Britain. The question is where do we go from here forward.

The United States government has to become more of an international team player with some humility. For the sake of the people of Iraq and of the world, peace and security must come to Iraq. First the United States must down size their military presence in Iraq to the Baghdad Airport. The United States and British military mission must be redefined as to support of humanitarian relief and training for the Iraqi people. A commission must be established to help coordinate the NGO’s and government’s relief efforts.

The less international military presence in Iraq the sooner the lives of the Iraqi people will get back to normal. The primary mission of the United States military from here forward should be to secure a Green Zone around the Baghdad Airport for the international relief workers. The British military forces will secure Green Zone port for shipping in southern Iraq. Keeping the pipeline of humanitarian aid flowing into Iraq is the key to peace and security. The Iraqi foreign nationalist must help in forming links with the people of Iraq and the outside world. Only the people of Iraq can bring peace and security to Iraq.

The United Nation and Arab League of Nations should be the leading groups in the foreign relief aid to the people of Iraq. A global effort must be made similar too the Asian Tsunami relief. The international community can only help the people of Iraq when a specific request is made. The people of Iraq must start at the bottom forming strong local governments to enforce the rule of law in the local communities. The people of Iraq need the tools and hardware to help develop an economy. Given Iraq’s natural resources water, fertile soil and oil there is no reason why the people of Iraq could not have one of the highest standard of living among the people in the Middle East once again.

Let us not continue the Iraq War over saving face. It is time to start working for peace and security for the people of Iraq. This will require fewer foreign military forces and more humanitarian aid and relief workers. The protocol of humanitarian aid workers will fall into place over time similar as in the Asian Tsunami. The United States government must become more of a team player on international problems. Only by strengthening the international platform of law and protocol will peace and security prevail around the world. No one nation’s government can dictate policies onto another sovereign nation. The natural resources of anyone nation can’t become part of the vital national interest of another nation. Only by the Iraqi people getting back to work and having a better standard of living will peace and security have a chance to grow in Iraq.

What should Iraq look like ten years from now? One nation with three to five states that is known as the Sweet Water Capital of the Middle East with Iraq’s fertile river valleys producing food and water for the people of the Middle East. The people of Iraq are helping in the international relief efforts of people in other nations. As people are to their neighbors so should it be with nations to nations.

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