Monday, February 06, 2006


A Rush to War of Choice

Why are Republican conservatives so open to going to war regardless of the financially, politically and human cost to our country. Many of the religious conservative people in the United States are Republicans that are some of the most outspoken people in support of the War on Islamic Terrorists. The civilian sector of the military industrial complex is also in the Republicans corners. From these two conservative groups come the Neocons with their unconditional support of the Greater State of Israel. All three conservative groups favor the use of the military force the big stick theory over diplomacy and the carrot.

By rushing into a war of choice in Iraq not knowing whom our enemy of terrorists are we have under minded the security of the United States as well as the rest of the world. Our military invasion of Iraq has polarized the people and nations of the world deepening the global divide. Deploying many of our State National Guard into Iraq for year long tours has weaken our front line on homeland security with a long term negative effect. Fewer of our experience soldiers are reenlisting and they are not meeting their recruitment goals for new enlistments. The lost of confidence and respect of many of our international allies is taking a toll on our national security financially and politically.

Without the leaders of the United States addressing the internal problems we face as a nation we will never be able to help solve the problems of other nations. Only by correcting our internal at home can we lead by example instead of military force. As the people and nation in the world evolve the rate of change will vary greatly widening the gap in the differences. The polarization of people and nations often lowers the level of tolerance of the other people that are different from them. Fear is often the tool and or weapon the system uses to control the way people see things while hiding the real truth. When in reality people of all nations want the same things for their family, children and community.
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