Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Do onto Others as You Wish Them to do onto You

The United States government officials say they want peace yet the United States manufactures and sells more weapons of death and destruction than any other nation in the world. The United States government says it wants to promote freedom and democracy around the world yet they dictate and control the global policies in the United Nations and on the global platform. As part of the United States National Security Policies the natural resources (oil) of other sovereign nation are part of the United States vital interest. This is at the root of many of the world’s problems today. There is a lack of balance in fairness and justices for the people on the other side of American foreign policies and interest.

What is the norm and socially acceptable varies greatly among people and nations. So too does the truth and perception of the facts on the ground in many of the world’s conflicts. Today the level of tension and fear around the world is at modern day highs. The United States is using guns, bombs, and its military to promote freedom and democracy in protecting its oil interest in the Middle East. The United States government must reevaluate its foreign and domestic policies before things will change for the better in the world. The American people through their government have so much power and influence on the conditions around the world. The military strength of the United States far out ways its diplomatic strength. This must be brought into balance for the security and safety of the people of the world.

Only by working together with other nations of people can the United States and the people of the world achieve peace and security around the world. Only by respecting the Laws of Life and strengthening the platform of International Law can we improve the world around us. It is much more expensive to defend policies that are wrong than it is to do the right thing. It is a fact that the global natural resources and environment could not support the waste and standard of living that the people of the United States enjoy for the people of the rest of the world. Without addressing the global population explosion we will not help to solve the problems of global poverty and hunger. The global energy crisis and global population explosion are the two main problems that are threatening the security and future of the people of the world.

The national interest of one nation can’t over ride, the nation interest of another nation’s sovereignty. The underlining problem among nations is that most of the industrial nations in the world do not have enough oil within their nation to support their way of life. While many of the tribal societies of indigenous people (mostly Muslims) have more oil in their ground than they consume for in their way of life today. Many of these nations have tyrannical leaders that use their nations oil to keep them in power. A few leaders try to nationalize their oil industry running into stiff opposition from the United States.

Throughout world history people have been divided with the evolution of progress. Some choose the new ways of the modern world while others choose the ways of the past. A balance has to be found making room so that all people can live with there own values in place. Only by raining in the power of the international corporations and military industrial complex can we achieve a balance in what is in the best interest of the people of nations as a whole. By bringing into balance the diplomatic and military role of the United States changes in the world can be made for the better.

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