Monday, February 27, 2006


Official Government Website for Palestine-Israel Peace Process

It is clear that if the Palestinian-Israeli peace process is going to move forward in the Middle East the playing field is going to have to be more fare and transparent. A step towards this goal could be accomplished with the creation of an official governmental website for all the parties involved to post their government positions. The members of the Quartet would each have their own section as well as Israel, Palestine, and the Arab League. Each member could post their official position as well as replies on issues involving the peace process. This would be a table that the world’s people and nations could see all of the cards on the table.

This website could be translated into many different languages for people to read. This would improve the transparency to who is saying and doing what in the peace process. It would create a platform for very little misunderstanding to what is being said and would be equal to all sides. Official proposals of peace could be posted by any of the parties with official responses being made and recorded as part of the official record.

Over time the positions on certain issues change of one side or the other. An official website for the peace process could help keep the record straight on the current government position on all sides. Helping to improve the transparency to the position of all sides will be a good step towards peace. Establishing links to other newly created websites that will become apart of the progress towards peace in the region. Let the official debate on the issues of peace, security, and justice be on an equal and balance platform for the world to see.

The official government website would be an added platform in the peace process. The peace talks and negotiations would continue to operate in the same format. The website would be another platform that all sides could post their views and current position. Giving everyone equal access to information on all sides.

And what do you think of Obadiah Shoher's arguments against the peace process ( )?
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