Sunday, February 12, 2006


Challenge Before Us

For the United States to be a strong and balance republic with a democratic form of government we must get more than 70% of the eligible voters registered to vote. The United States and its military have become the primary leader of the industrial nations in the war on terror making the people’s vote more important than ever before in recent times. The pro Republicans people are well financed by the establishment that profits from war with most of them voting while waving the flag. While many of the younger people who oppose the Bush War Doctrine are not registered and don’t vote. With the primary reason being “They are one of the same and things will not change.”

Without the participation of 70% or more of the eligible voters in the United States there is not a clear mandate by the people and things will remain in the hands of the special interest groups. Raising voter participation among the people will help strengthen our nation making us more of a democratic nation and less of a republic in the hands of the selected few. Too many people feel disenfranchised by the system therefore they do not vote. Unless more people stand-up and speak out against our current policy, register and vote things will not change. With the United States having the lowest voter participation than any of the other democracies in the world while being the military super power is a travesty in its self.

The American people have to take reasonability for their government’s foreign policies and actions around the world. The national debt (8.2 trillion dollars) being nearly three times the government annual budget. The United States military spending is 40% of the total of the total military spending in the world. How many nations will the United States have to bomb or take over to be secure and safe?

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