Friday, February 10, 2006


Hamas Verses Fatah

As a result of the Palestinian election there will be a changing of the guard between the Yellow (Fatah) and the Green (Hamas). The protest by Fatah in Gaza the day after elections is out of fear and frustration. For twelve years the Fatah Party has had absolute control of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas were the outsiders with little to no government power. With Hamas winning a clear majority of seats in the Palestinian Parliament. Hamas will be the party within the Palestinian government that is now officially responsible for the conditions on the ground within the Palestinian controlled territories. Now its Fatah turn to protest and reorganize their party for the next election.

Hopefully the Palestinians can have a political change of leaders with little to no violence. New political leaders rise to power and control of Palestine creating a democratic nation. You can destroy in one day what took years to build. The anger and frustration runs very deep in the Holy Land. The hardships suffered by the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and West Bank is coming to a pinnacle. No freedom of movement and no jobs is the only way of life that most Palestinian people know today. The unemployment of the Palestinian people between the ages of 16 to 24 is about 70%.

It can be assumed that Israel, the United States governments will try to get the European Union to cut off any financial aid to the Palestinian Authority governed by Hamas. This is where the Arab League and the wealthy Arab nations will have to step up to the plate to make the greatly needed financial contribution. Maybe Hamas with the help of the Arab League can improve the living conditions of the Palestine. The Palestinian people will have to have the humanitarian living conditions improved and their dignity restored before there will be any real peace. What must end is the extreme political rhetoric of one side stating the position of the other side. Let each side state their own position.

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