Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Freedom Without Prosperity is Tyranny Too

To place all of the blame for the Oil for Food scandal on the United Nation is being very short sighted and foolish. The United Nation with a 1.3 billion dollar annual budget with the United States contributing about 25%. The United Nation with no permanent arm forces and limited power to enforce UN Resolutions passed by the UN Security Council. The United States Federal debt is growing in one day to what the United Nations budget is for one year. There are a lot of media talking heads and government leaders in the United States ready to place the blame on the United Nations for their foreign policies failures.

Yes, most everyone agrees there is great reform that is needed within the United Nations. To destroy the United Nation by undermining and or minimizing their role in developing an international multi-level platform for peace is not the answer. Where the United States as a nation has excelled in so many ways, International diplomacy is not one of them. There is talk of expanding the United Nations Security Council to more members. While keeping the five permanent members the same the only members with the single vote veto power. As long as any one member can veto a UN Resolution in the Security Council you have a divided dictatorship.

Today many Americans want the United States to withdraw from the United Nations because of the anti-Americanisms that prevails in the United Nations. This is only a reflection of the people around the world to the great failures of the United States foreign policies. A person or nation can want to do the right thing but go about it the wrong way. The military and diplomatic role of the United States foreign policy must be revaluated to make the world a safer place. Only by strengthening the global multilateral platform will we be able to workout our differences in a peaceful way. Yes, there are many reforms that are needed but we do not need to destroy what must be reformed.

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