Friday, March 26, 2010


Olive Tree of Peace with a White Dove on Top

It is a lot harder to build a sand castle (a nation) than it is to destroy one. The same principles holds true for building a consensus on new ideas and concepts. The wrath of mankind's militaries or mother natures forces can destroy what took more than a life time to build in a just a few seconds. Eyal Raviv the creator and founder of has created a very much needed global platform for the resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. A place that people from all around the world who are concerned about this problem can come and discuss/debate old ideas and new ideas that might bring us closer to a peaceful resolution to this life long problem.

Unfortunately weather it is professional diplomats or the novice, there are too many people who want to derail, divert and deny the truth to accomplish there own goals. This happens simultaneously on many different fronts and platforms creating an image of the way people perceive things whether they are right or wrong. Religion, governments, national parties, corporations, schools, lobbies, media and the list goes on and on; The leaders of these institutions working together with the ones they are allied with in goals and principles. Here stands the great divide that polarizes people on to one side or the other making it harder if not impossible to come together in understanding and agreement in areas of disagreement.

Only by creating, opening and linking more channels of communication. Can the creation of new ideas come about for other people to propagate and build on. with the help of its many members could become one of the main branches of the Olive Tree of peace with a white dove on top. The forces for peace and justice must use every peaceful avenue to confront the forces of war and violence. Including the pen, the courts, governments, public and private institutions. Let the lies and misdeeds of the past be put out in the open so they can be corrected and dealt with. Only by airing ones dirty laundry can it become clean. David

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


American Israel Public Affairs Committee

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee {AIPAC} had their annual conference in Washington D.C. this week. What other nation of people could set-up and operate as the AICAP? As a very efficient pro-lobby for one foreign religious nation {Israel} that receives over two and half billion dollars annually in military aid and billions of dollars of development aid annually from the United States government. A week before the religious high holy days, Pass Over for the Jewish people and Easter for the Christians they meet to lobby our federal government elected officials in Washington D.C.. Giving out millions of dollars annually to our elected public officials for their support of Israel.

The vast majority of the religiously indoctrinated members and supporters of AIPAC’s patriotism is towards the State of Israel over the United States. They condemn, discredit, and smear those who challenge some of the illegal acts and policies of the State of Israel such as the United Nations, Justice Richard Goldstone and the Palestinian society. The unwavering AICAP supporters of Israel using denial, anti-Semitism, diversion, victimhood, the United States arm(s) and religion as the six cornerstones of their international global defense. Any other organization setup to do what AICAP does for any other nation in the world would be seen and treated as an act of treason.

You can only defend what is wrong for so long before there will be holes that develop in your defense such as the Goldstone Report for the State of Israel. Now there is better than a fifty precent chance the Goldstone Report will be swept under the carpet as so many others have been in the past. One day the truth will reemerge with all of those reports that were swept under the carpet. Building a case against the State of Israel for the many war and humanitarian crimes she has committed. If the leaders of the Israeli government and the members of AIPAC are so convince of the State of Israel’s innocence. Why then do they refuse to cooperate with any international organizations or trial to present their case before the nations of the world. The State of Israel can no longer operate as a rogue nation outside the rule of international law.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The Essence of the Israeli Government

It is so much of the essence of the Israeli government to announce the building of another sixteen hundred illegal Jewish homes in the suburbs of East Jerusalem in the West Bank of Palestine. They did this on the arrival of Vice President Biden’s first official trip to Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu denied he knew anything about the timing of the announcement. Everyone knows how sensitive of issue, the building of more Jewish homes in the suburbs of East Jerusalem. While for over forty years the Palestinians have not been able to legally build any new homes and thousands of Palestinian homes have been destroyed or confiscated in the name of Israeli security over the last sixty years.

This has been an on going tactic of the Israeli government that has happened over and over. One more Israeli provocation for the Palestinian people to react too so the Israelis can close down and lock-up the Palestinian people of the West Bank. This means many Palestinian people may not be able to get to their place of worship, work, school and travel outside their regional zone. The West Bank Palestinian farmer’s vegetables and produce will not be able to make it to the Israeli markets. What little West Bank commerce there is normally, it is almost completely shut down.

This is why it is a crisis for the Palestinian society and not for the Israeli society. The day to day normal life for the vast majority of the people of Israel goes uninterrupted while they collectively punish and imprison the Palestinian society in the West Bank and Gaza. As the documentation of the Palestinian crisis improves and is disseminated out for the people of the world to hear and see. It makes it harder and harder for the Israeli government to sell their bushels of lies. The Israeli deception of the past are clearly seen for what they are today in the modern internet media mode.

For over fifty years after the end of World war II the Jewish people and organizations have chased, track down, captured and prosecuted {if not assassinated} Nazi war criminals all around the world. Today it appears the Israeli government continues the hunt and assassination of the Palestinian enemies in the same manor as in Dubai. Many people think this is the Israeli government way of trying to divert global attention from the investigation of the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Hopefully what goes around will come around into the investigations and prosecution of Israelis for their many war crimes.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


A Letter to Those Who Unconditional Support Israel's Policies and Actions

To the Jewish and Christian Zionists people who give unconditional support of the acts of the State of Israel. People who are blinded by their religious indoctrination to the truth of the realities on the ground in the Holy Land. The Jewish people who love to call other Jewish people “self-hating Jews” or non Jewish people “anti Semites” that disagree with some of the current actions and policies of the State of Israel.

Israel and the America’s day of reckoning is coming very soon. The little but fragile peace the people of Israel enjoy today will be gone soon unless there are major changes. The American economy and taxpayers are teetering on bankruptcy where the current financial course is not sustainable over the course of time. Major cuts in what the United States Federal Government is spending are going to have to be made. Israel being by far the largest recipient of American government foreign aid with Egypt and Jordan receiving billions of dollars annually as well.

The United States government is going to have to cut off or greatly reduce the amount of foreign aid to Israel, Egypt and Jordan very soon. America no longer has total control of its own economic economy never mind the global economy like it once did. The American model is broken and is not able to stand up over the course of time without major political, economic and social changes. There are many places and points in the world were things have reach a “tipping point” and there are no simple answers to the problems. Other than things are not right and major changes have to be made that will go against the many wishes of the current powers that be.

With the old industrial world losing much of its international monetary clot and oil (sustainable world supply) and the global impact this is having on the environment reaching a “tipping point.” Where the nations with the largest and most expensive military economies will no longer be able to afford them. Where the governments of nations were able to manage and control their populist in good economic times it becomes a very different picture in hard economic times. Things can get a lot worse than they are today. That is why it is imperative we address these problems and issues today before it becomes to late.

Monday, March 08, 2010


My Weekend Polldaddy Poll

What an experiment/experience it was; I asked three questions about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
Who has the most power and control to make peace or war in this life long conflict between the Palestinians/Israelis?
Who are the real victims in the Israeli/Palestinian crisis?
Can the United States government be a fair and balance peace broker in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict?

Three well thought out questions I wanted to get a responses too with multiple answers. I wrote and logged the questions on Monday, March 1, 2010 but did not activate until Saturday morning March 6, 2010. I sent them to varies websites pertaining to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. For the first 40 or so hours there were 2/1/2 votes an hour on the three questions. With the majority of the responses very much in favor of the Palestinians side. With a few exceptions like Gabe1 who left a comment on question 3. Gabe1 Posted March 7, 2010 “They can be neutral after Barack HUSSEIN Obama (Obamination for short) s gone”

Then Monday morning came at nine o’clock and things changed greatly. Over two hundred all very pro Zionist votes showed up in the first two questions of the first open hour of business. Skewing the polling results in the favor of Israel. One more victory for the extreme pro Zionists in the Informational Wars. Google “Gabe1 Israel” and will find his chat rooms where he spreads his hate and contempt for those who disagree with his very narrow beliefs. “The Olive Branch” and “Truth for Justice” being two of these sites.

One of the reasons I waited until I posted my poll on Saturday was I wanted to get the polling results from a grass root level and not the organized professionals of the distorter of facts and information. I was expecting an attack of one kind or another but when and what time I wanted to find out. It was nine O’clock Monday morning Eastern time in the United States not Tel Aviv time. Now it is just part of the digital history but was very informative and reconfirming in some of the things I thought to be true.

There are many lessons that can be learned from this Polldaddy experiment/experience one of again from Gabe1 after the polls were deleted or locked Gabe1 on March 8, 2010 left a closing comment.
Gabe1 posted 4:24 Tel Aviv time “Bravo my Balestinian friend aka David Crier, Obliterate everything that does not conform to your ideas or agenda”.
“You and your cabal will not dent the Israeli and Jewish resolve to confront people like you and Neri.”
“Am Israel Chai
Jordan is Balestine”

Now Neri is a person I have corresponded with at who is definitely much more pro and defensive of Israel than I am. Neri is someone I would have considered as a Israeli extremist until I compare him to somebody like Gabel1. All of a sudden Neri looks much more moderate. Neri and I have agreed on very little, yet Gabe1 puts us in the same camp of ideals and beliefs. I am pretty sure Neri is much more disturbed by this comment than I am. But, what is the most disturbing to me is the fact that the extremists on either side are so much more united and focus with the vast majority of the moderates squabbling over so many trivial issues remaining very divided.

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Saturday, March 06, 2010


Palestinians/Arab Informational War

The Palestinian/Arabs have to start dealing with the global media informational war front much more intensely to win over the global public opinion. The internet playing a larger and larger role in the dissemination of information around the world. This is a tool that has to be utilized and developed much more in getting the message of the Palestinian and Arab people out to the world. Better networking has to be developed between already existing Palestinian/Arab websites.

Some new Palestinian/Arab websites should be developed that are specifically designed for teaching and furthering the education of English elementary, middle and high school children as well as college and graduate students. Creating a research and informational center of links to other credible Palestinian and Arab sites. This site should be linked with a Palestinian/Arab website that gives out grants for education. An educational essay grant program should be set up for the four different levels of education of higher education. This will encourage more students to do more writing and research on the Palestinian crisis and the Arab world.

With the support of the Arab League of States and not individual Arab nations this new network of websites should have more credibility and objectivity on the issues and problems confronting the Palestinian and Arab people. Teaming up with other website groups such as “Lend for Peace”, Seeds for Peace” “Washington Report on Middle East Affairs” and so on will be vital to building a stronger network to get the true story understood outside the “box.” To do this it will require much more work to be done on two more fronts, the grass root political and international legal fronts.

For the “Grass Root Political” front a young Palestinian and Arab student Ambassadors program should be created to help get the message outside the box. With promotional documentary videos be made on the Palestinian crisis with monetary prizes be awarded to the winners of the best videos. A Palestinian/Arab speaking tours should be arranged for some of the outstanding Palestinian and Arab Student Ambassadors to spread the truth to Americans and Europeans.

As part of this network a program should be setup for students of law from around the world for the legal prosecution of Israeli humanitarian/war crimes that have been committed on the Palestinian people. Creating more international legal briefs and the ground for more international prosecution of these crimes.

The programs outlined above could help in winning the informational war of truth to the Palestinian crisis. Not until the informational war is won in the United States will there be justice, peace, security, and prosperity in Palestine. This program will help alleviate some of the inner tensions and frustrations of the young Palestinian/Arab people while helping to educate the students in the western nations.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


The Internet and the Middle East

Forty years ago doing research on a specific topic such as the Palestinian/Israeli conflict would have been very hard to near impossible if you wanted realtime information from both sides. Yes, you could study and find the most up to date information on the Israeli side of the coin but information on the Palestinian side of the coin did not exist in very many libraries around the United States. Today the internet has greatly changed things in this regard leveling the playing field in the dissemination of information.

The internet is like having the Library of Congress at your finger tips. You can get realtime information right from the horses mouth from anywhere around the world. Even if you can’t read the language, you have “Google Translate” to translate any language into your language of preference. Opening the doors to the other side creating a way for a better understanding. The gate keepers of mainstream mass media/government still have control of the volume to what is heard and how often by the general public. But the internet has opened up many more avenues of information that cannot be controlled as it was in the old days.

The Pro-Israeli side has developed and utilize the internet to nearly its fullest potential and the Palestinian/Arab side has not. The Jewish people around the world have for many centuries been some of the greatest and strongest networkers giving them a great advantage over the Palestinian/Arabs in the international information wars. The internet must be used much more intensely by the Palestinian/Arabs for better public relations and dissemination of information. The true facts on the ground can no longer be held down and kept silent with the internet. For over sixty years the Israeli government has been winning the international information wars.

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