Monday, March 08, 2010


My Weekend Polldaddy Poll

What an experiment/experience it was; I asked three questions about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
Who has the most power and control to make peace or war in this life long conflict between the Palestinians/Israelis?
Who are the real victims in the Israeli/Palestinian crisis?
Can the United States government be a fair and balance peace broker in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict?

Three well thought out questions I wanted to get a responses too with multiple answers. I wrote and logged the questions on Monday, March 1, 2010 but did not activate until Saturday morning March 6, 2010. I sent them to varies websites pertaining to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. For the first 40 or so hours there were 2/1/2 votes an hour on the three questions. With the majority of the responses very much in favor of the Palestinians side. With a few exceptions like Gabe1 who left a comment on question 3. Gabe1 Posted March 7, 2010 “They can be neutral after Barack HUSSEIN Obama (Obamination for short) s gone”

Then Monday morning came at nine o’clock and things changed greatly. Over two hundred all very pro Zionist votes showed up in the first two questions of the first open hour of business. Skewing the polling results in the favor of Israel. One more victory for the extreme pro Zionists in the Informational Wars. Google “Gabe1 Israel” and will find his chat rooms where he spreads his hate and contempt for those who disagree with his very narrow beliefs. “The Olive Branch” and “Truth for Justice” being two of these sites.

One of the reasons I waited until I posted my poll on Saturday was I wanted to get the polling results from a grass root level and not the organized professionals of the distorter of facts and information. I was expecting an attack of one kind or another but when and what time I wanted to find out. It was nine O’clock Monday morning Eastern time in the United States not Tel Aviv time. Now it is just part of the digital history but was very informative and reconfirming in some of the things I thought to be true.

There are many lessons that can be learned from this Polldaddy experiment/experience one of again from Gabe1 after the polls were deleted or locked Gabe1 on March 8, 2010 left a closing comment.
Gabe1 posted 4:24 Tel Aviv time “Bravo my Balestinian friend aka David Crier, Obliterate everything that does not conform to your ideas or agenda”.
“You and your cabal will not dent the Israeli and Jewish resolve to confront people like you and Neri.”
“Am Israel Chai
Jordan is Balestine”

Now Neri is a person I have corresponded with at who is definitely much more pro and defensive of Israel than I am. Neri is someone I would have considered as a Israeli extremist until I compare him to somebody like Gabel1. All of a sudden Neri looks much more moderate. Neri and I have agreed on very little, yet Gabe1 puts us in the same camp of ideals and beliefs. I am pretty sure Neri is much more disturbed by this comment than I am. But, what is the most disturbing to me is the fact that the extremists on either side are so much more united and focus with the vast majority of the moderates squabbling over so many trivial issues remaining very divided.

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I believe that you are not what you claim to be but rather an Arab or Arab homicidal supporter.I ONCE CALLED YOU AN ANTI SEMITE AND ISRAEL HATER PAR EXCELLANCE and you have not disappointed me.

Your side is not making any inroads , even with some useful idiot Jews that roam the pages of that other pro Arab site. I am not including Neri as he is not even a Jew.

Thanx fi\or the plug anyways.not that I need it.
David I notice that you mention my site in this blog post. I wonder why it is that you do not come to my site and explain why you think it is a hate site?

John Fisher

In the great tradition of Leftist and Arab cowardice you just erase but will never stand up and tell us who you are.

You tried and could not defeat Israel in battle so you resorted to terror and when that failed you started squealing like pigs that ISRAEL was not playing fair (Lying down and rolling over). Now you are trying that defamation routine.

I just wonder what you will do when that fails.
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