Tuesday, March 09, 2010


A Letter to Those Who Unconditional Support Israel's Policies and Actions

To the Jewish and Christian Zionists people who give unconditional support of the acts of the State of Israel. People who are blinded by their religious indoctrination to the truth of the realities on the ground in the Holy Land. The Jewish people who love to call other Jewish people “self-hating Jews” or non Jewish people “anti Semites” that disagree with some of the current actions and policies of the State of Israel.

Israel and the America’s day of reckoning is coming very soon. The little but fragile peace the people of Israel enjoy today will be gone soon unless there are major changes. The American economy and taxpayers are teetering on bankruptcy where the current financial course is not sustainable over the course of time. Major cuts in what the United States Federal Government is spending are going to have to be made. Israel being by far the largest recipient of American government foreign aid with Egypt and Jordan receiving billions of dollars annually as well.

The United States government is going to have to cut off or greatly reduce the amount of foreign aid to Israel, Egypt and Jordan very soon. America no longer has total control of its own economic economy never mind the global economy like it once did. The American model is broken and is not able to stand up over the course of time without major political, economic and social changes. There are many places and points in the world were things have reach a “tipping point” and there are no simple answers to the problems. Other than things are not right and major changes have to be made that will go against the many wishes of the current powers that be.

With the old industrial world losing much of its international monetary clot and oil (sustainable world supply) and the global impact this is having on the environment reaching a “tipping point.” Where the nations with the largest and most expensive military economies will no longer be able to afford them. Where the governments of nations were able to manage and control their populist in good economic times it becomes a very different picture in hard economic times. Things can get a lot worse than they are today. That is why it is imperative we address these problems and issues today before it becomes to late.

You have it all ass backwards.Without oil and only terror exports , the Arabs will revert to being goat and camel herders. Israel with its high tech and medical accomplishments will survive.

It will be a glorious era.
hey David,

I have the same feeling. time is running out, but I have a gut feeling that before things get better, they will get first much, much worse. this is a feeling prevalent among peace & human rights organizations here in Israel. and we are heading there.

Yes, time just like oil is running out for the Arabs.Time to rethink they Jihadist ways. Europe will not shield you forever.

Make peace or be mired in the muck of poverty and ignorance.
Hello khulud

Yes, I would say the same holds true here in the United States.
What is clear to majority of people on the main street with little to no power is not understood by those people in power and control. For if it were things would not be the same as they are now. Khulud Are you familiar with the website of mepeace.org it is one of the more civil chat rooms that discusses the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict with a slight bias leaning toward the Israeli position. It is one of the better and more active sites on this issue. You should check them out. David
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