Thursday, March 04, 2010


The Internet and the Middle East

Forty years ago doing research on a specific topic such as the Palestinian/Israeli conflict would have been very hard to near impossible if you wanted realtime information from both sides. Yes, you could study and find the most up to date information on the Israeli side of the coin but information on the Palestinian side of the coin did not exist in very many libraries around the United States. Today the internet has greatly changed things in this regard leveling the playing field in the dissemination of information.

The internet is like having the Library of Congress at your finger tips. You can get realtime information right from the horses mouth from anywhere around the world. Even if you can’t read the language, you have “Google Translate” to translate any language into your language of preference. Opening the doors to the other side creating a way for a better understanding. The gate keepers of mainstream mass media/government still have control of the volume to what is heard and how often by the general public. But the internet has opened up many more avenues of information that cannot be controlled as it was in the old days.

The Pro-Israeli side has developed and utilize the internet to nearly its fullest potential and the Palestinian/Arab side has not. The Jewish people around the world have for many centuries been some of the greatest and strongest networkers giving them a great advantage over the Palestinian/Arabs in the international information wars. The internet must be used much more intensely by the Palestinian/Arabs for better public relations and dissemination of information. The true facts on the ground can no longer be held down and kept silent with the internet. For over sixty years the Israeli government has been winning the international information wars.

hey David,
I'm really happy I got to know your blog. Yes, I agree with the first part of your post, though the second was a bit saddening to read.
I don't know if it's just me, or my ways of using the net, but I do come across many media items from Gaza and West Bank (websites, news-sites, youtube, facebook, blogs, etc.) I think it has to do with the user her/himself and how s/he uses the internet and what information s/he searches for.
When I want real experiences of real people, I find facebook very useful. I've got to know many people from OPT through it and we interact on a daily basis. I also do a lot of my political activism through the net.
so in short, yes, we need to continue developing the way we utilize the internet for the just causes we believe in.
p.s. I know I still owe you some answers to your questions... that... later...
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