Tuesday, March 23, 2010


American Israel Public Affairs Committee

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee {AIPAC} had their annual conference in Washington D.C. this week. What other nation of people could set-up and operate as the AICAP? As a very efficient pro-lobby for one foreign religious nation {Israel} that receives over two and half billion dollars annually in military aid and billions of dollars of development aid annually from the United States government. A week before the religious high holy days, Pass Over for the Jewish people and Easter for the Christians they meet to lobby our federal government elected officials in Washington D.C.. Giving out millions of dollars annually to our elected public officials for their support of Israel.

The vast majority of the religiously indoctrinated members and supporters of AIPAC’s patriotism is towards the State of Israel over the United States. They condemn, discredit, and smear those who challenge some of the illegal acts and policies of the State of Israel such as the United Nations, Justice Richard Goldstone and the Palestinian society. The unwavering AICAP supporters of Israel using denial, anti-Semitism, diversion, victimhood, the United States arm(s) and religion as the six cornerstones of their international global defense. Any other organization setup to do what AICAP does for any other nation in the world would be seen and treated as an act of treason.

You can only defend what is wrong for so long before there will be holes that develop in your defense such as the Goldstone Report for the State of Israel. Now there is better than a fifty precent chance the Goldstone Report will be swept under the carpet as so many others have been in the past. One day the truth will reemerge with all of those reports that were swept under the carpet. Building a case against the State of Israel for the many war and humanitarian crimes she has committed. If the leaders of the Israeli government and the members of AIPAC are so convince of the State of Israel’s innocence. Why then do they refuse to cooperate with any international organizations or trial to present their case before the nations of the world. The State of Israel can no longer operate as a rogue nation outside the rule of international law.

Ritchie or Daoud.

I guess that you are a gluton for punishment or simply too stupid to gather facts. Are you still on MEPISS or were you thrown off.

What happened to that KHULUD guy.
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