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Palestinians/Arab Informational War

The Palestinian/Arabs have to start dealing with the global media informational war front much more intensely to win over the global public opinion. The internet playing a larger and larger role in the dissemination of information around the world. This is a tool that has to be utilized and developed much more in getting the message of the Palestinian and Arab people out to the world. Better networking has to be developed between already existing Palestinian/Arab websites.

Some new Palestinian/Arab websites should be developed that are specifically designed for teaching and furthering the education of English elementary, middle and high school children as well as college and graduate students. Creating a research and informational center of links to other credible Palestinian and Arab sites. This site should be linked with a Palestinian/Arab website that gives out grants for education. An educational essay grant program should be set up for the four different levels of education of higher education. This will encourage more students to do more writing and research on the Palestinian crisis and the Arab world.

With the support of the Arab League of States and not individual Arab nations this new network of websites should have more credibility and objectivity on the issues and problems confronting the Palestinian and Arab people. Teaming up with other website groups such as “Lend for Peace”, Seeds for Peace” “Washington Report on Middle East Affairs” and so on will be vital to building a stronger network to get the true story understood outside the “box.” To do this it will require much more work to be done on two more fronts, the grass root political and international legal fronts.

For the “Grass Root Political” front a young Palestinian and Arab student Ambassadors program should be created to help get the message outside the box. With promotional documentary videos be made on the Palestinian crisis with monetary prizes be awarded to the winners of the best videos. A Palestinian/Arab speaking tours should be arranged for some of the outstanding Palestinian and Arab Student Ambassadors to spread the truth to Americans and Europeans.

As part of this network a program should be setup for students of law from around the world for the legal prosecution of Israeli humanitarian/war crimes that have been committed on the Palestinian people. Creating more international legal briefs and the ground for more international prosecution of these crimes.

The programs outlined above could help in winning the informational war of truth to the Palestinian crisis. Not until the informational war is won in the United States will there be justice, peace, security, and prosperity in Palestine. This program will help alleviate some of the inner tensions and frustrations of the young Palestinian/Arab people while helping to educate the students in the western nations.

oh wow - really a master plan.
very complex matrix u got there - I have no idea how this may be attained...
but I do think that it's kind of on the right track, as many websites and organizations are linking up one with the other.
here's a few links I find very useful:

I think one of the problems right now is that the organizations are competing for funds. They (we) need to realize the strength in cooperation and joining efforts.
Hello khulud
Thank you for your links. Two out of three were new ones to me. Please check out my blog dated January 13, 2010 for some more Palestinian links. I am only saying the Internet is a relatively new tool that the Palestinian/Arab side must use and develop much more to win over international public opinion in the western world. Check out the Arab League of States website in English not yet developed. David

PS Why is it that Arab people do not capitalize the first letter in their name?
:) I've never noticed that Arabs don't capitalize the first letter in their name. This is really new to me. My reason for not capitalizing is actually connected to my feminism rather than to my being Arab.

but this is an interesting observation - maybe because the Arabic language doesn't have capital letters? I think that would be a logical explanation.

p.s. glad some links were new to you! I'll check out that post you refer to.
Can we debate if there even is such a nation as Balestinians at all. As submit ---NO.

They are simply Arabs who are continuing with their glory days conquests of years past.

It does not pass mustard and are a spend force. Go to Jordan or back to your roots in Saudi Arabia.
Hello Gabe,
Yes, of course we can debate if there is a nation called Palestinians. However, the debate must be based on mutual respect, trust, learning and understanding. As your language conveys - you have no respect nor trust. I doubt you are asking the question in order to initiate a debate. Therefore - I have nothing to say to you. (and I know exactly what your reply will be, but I refuse to get daught in your twisted, heated and fanatical discourse).
But just food for thought - if you're really interested, I suggest you start by reading something general, along the lines of what defines a nation and how nations are formed. In general - and then you will see on your own how it applies (or does not) to the Palestinian people.
I am well familiar of what and who constitutes a Nation.Taking an amalgamation of Sauid and Syrian clans ans using their very short squatting time in what was considered Palestine to somehow claim nationhood is simply a distortion. Taking into account that there has been no mention of a nation called Palestinians in regards to any Arabs until the 1960's , One must conclude that Palestinians sprang up for nothing more than to claim Palestine for the Muslim Umma and no other reason.
ok, Gabe, I see this is going nowhere. If you want to discuss, let's discuss, but intellectually, and with mutual trust. The fact that we disagree with each other doesn't have to mean that you have to use this hostile tone.
Two small points on what you write: (1) Palestinian struggle is nothing about the Muslim religion. that's the western media's destortion and demonization of the "other".
(2)my own family has been in what was called until 1948 Palestine for 500 years. I think that's enough time to detach ourselves from wherever they came.

I think that your theory doesn't hold water - because then that can apply to many peoples who claim to be nations.

I suggest you read some sociology - you will find there that there are several ways for a nation to form and more than one way that a group of people can call themselves a nation. A group of people can call themselves a nation based on: common culture, common social norms and traditions, common language' geographical area and many other factors. I don't see I have anything in common with Saudis. I don't relate to them in any way.

p.s. for the sake of honesty, I do have to say that this argument is also an internal argument here where I live (in Israel), but not in the Palestinian Occupied Territorries (not that I know of). Many people here identify themselves as Arabs and not Palestinians, but it's a much more complex issue than what you present it here. It has to do a lot with the fact that we were separated in 1948 (some people of the same family - part of the family became citizens of Israel while the other part of the same family became Palestinian refugees). But among ourselves, the argument is on a different level, and it's a completely different discourse.
Anyway, if you're intersted in discussion - as I said, I'm open only if there is mutual respect between us. Otherwise, I don't want to waste my precious time.

I see that you are from Haifa. Let me tell you that my wife is of Egyptian origins and lived in Acco until 1980 and although not enamoured with Fairouz ,she loves Farid El Atrash almost obsessively.

I will admit that there are some Arabs that have lived in Israel for a long time and there are many in the Acco-Haifa area. Until the 1990's these Arabs always referred to themselves as Arab Israelis and not Palestinians and on the whole never claimed to be a Palestinian Nation.Even in Jordan and in Judea and Samaria or in Egypt in Gaza was there a Palestinian Nation .

Most Nations have a cohesion and a common history and the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria as well as in Israel have distinct dialects.

Perhaps you can tell me of another Nation that has such a short history and has not broken apart within a short period of time.

I am sure that I have not touched on a number of issues but it is a stab.

I must admit that you seem much more moderate than most that I have discussed on the Internet and I hope that we can discuss in a rational way my opinions as well as yours.
(1) you say "broken apart". well, that was done by outsiders who broke us apart.
(2) I am not moderate at all. But I am educated and I know that language has power. Fanatic language will not solve anything so I avoid it. I can still hold on to my values and politics and at the same time be open to the other side's narrative.

- I believe in justice and I am positive that justice will prevail.

- you know something? let's assume for a moment that your theory is true and that there is no Palestinian people. Does that justify the mass murders of those Arabs (as you call us) and denying their human rights under the declaration of human rights?

- your comment about your wife lonign Farid is the recycled comment I hear everyday on the streets of Haifa from racist people, "some of my best friends are Arabs."

anyway, have you yourself ever been to Israel? I work with many international volunteers (many of them Jewish) who come to volunteer with my organization, and all of them talk about their experience as "shockingly eye-opening."

- How can you say I am Israeli? I don't understand this. In the Megilat Ha'atzmaut it says "a state for the Jewish people", which naturally excludes me. The national anthem is for the Jewish people, again excluding me. The flag is a flag of the Jewish people, excluding me for the third time. I am a third-rate citizen, discrimination is built-in to the legislation (look at the objective statistics of state-budgets).

The state of Israel doesn't want me to be part of it, so how come you want me to be part of it?

I have been to Israel in excess of 30 times and have visited many "refugee" camps and Arab towns. My wife has many Arab friends that do consider themselves Israeli Arabs and whose children go to the Army . We hosted last summer 3 Israeli Arabs from Acco that just finished serving in the Idf combat units. I met extremist Arabs as well as Arabs that want nothing to do with the concept of "Palestinian"

Yes, Israel is a Jewish State and symbols of that state should not offend any minority as they do not offend me here in Canada or minorities living in any part of the world. That is simply silly at best.

I am offended by your statement of mass murder when you know full well that your people have committed murderous acts against Jews since at least 1929 as well as in 1935-7, 1948,1967,1973,1982 and in between through terror.Yet you still live in Israel, are more prosperous than any Arab living in Lebanon, Syria or Egypt, you have freedom of religion, have civil rights, health services and a right to an education.

We will not share our land with Muslims so you either accept it or move. I have the same choices in Canada.

Thank you for at least stating that there n\may not be a Palestinian Nation after all.There is a Arab nation that has been broken up into its clan components.
my last comment to you:
why should I leave my homeland???? as I stated, my own family has been here for 500 years. and we are NOT Muslims. why do u assume that all Arabs are Muslims???

obviously u have reading comprehension problems, as I never stated there might not be a Palestinian nation. I just said let's suppose for the SAKE of the argument, because we were not advancing in our argument anywhere.

civil rights??? health rights??? right to education??? yes, of course I have these - as a THIRD-RATE citizen. NOT as an equal.

murder? yes, of course. u can read about it from the mouth of Jewish soldiers who have been to Gaza on "operation cast lead" - horrifying testimonies. they're called "Breaking the Silence". but of course, you will not read their testimonies as they threaten your "national unity".

please don't waste my time anymore with your nonsense and illogical arguments.
Israel is here to stay as a Jewish Nation.I was born in Poland and my ancestors lived there for at least 1000 years i was thrown out just like Jews were thrown out of Arab countries , yet made a life for themselves in Europe,Canada and the USA. In a democracy the majority rules. There are 22 Arab countries where you can be an equal in all respects but please do not teach the majority what it must do to make you happy.

As far as Gaza goes, that should have been flattened and made into a parking lot and all Arab refugees there sent to Egypt or Jordan. If you believe that Murdering terror rats should be coddled than you do not understand reality.

Not being Muslim but either Christian,Bahai or Druze shhould not be a badge of honour but rather exposes your naivete towards your Muslim brethren in the way you have been treated in Arab countries and you should kneel down and pray that Israel is so enlightened.
khulud, you may be educated but biting the hand that feed you, educates you and protects you is just plain moronic.
"khulud, you may be educated but biting the hand that feed you, educates you and protects you is just plain moronic."

Yeah, and you jews do the same with christian americans - those who feed you, educated you (in their christian-founded universities and schools - the very concept of university is a catholic concept) and protects you. Israel live by american tax dollars, that's an undeniable FACT.

OTOH, your people attack and harass christian pilgrims in Israel.
"please do not teach the majority what it must do to make you happy."

OK. So don't cry antisemitism when the vast majority of the people of any country where jews lives want to expel you, like they did in Nazi Germany. There is no doubt that the vast majority of germans wanted you out of their country, as the vast majority of the people of any country don't want jews living among them.

"As far as Gaza goes, that should have been flattened and made into a parking lot and all Arab refugees there sent to Egypt or Jordan. If you believe that Murdering terror rats should be coddled than you do not understand reality."

Actually, I think that's what should be done with Israel :-) Including the part of "murdering terror rats" (which fits very well with israelis and zionist jews from all over the world), but not to Egypt or Jordan, but to other places.

It's funny. You kikes always cry "antisemitism! antisemitism" when someone says something TRUE about you, but do and say far worse thing to the others. That's why no one believe in you kikes anymore.

You're the murdering terrorist rats, mate. Not the original and legitime owners of the land, the Palestinians. No one believes in Israel and no one defend Israel, only zio-fanatics and fanatical racial supremacists like you.
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