Friday, March 26, 2010


Olive Tree of Peace with a White Dove on Top

It is a lot harder to build a sand castle (a nation) than it is to destroy one. The same principles holds true for building a consensus on new ideas and concepts. The wrath of mankind's militaries or mother natures forces can destroy what took more than a life time to build in a just a few seconds. Eyal Raviv the creator and founder of has created a very much needed global platform for the resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. A place that people from all around the world who are concerned about this problem can come and discuss/debate old ideas and new ideas that might bring us closer to a peaceful resolution to this life long problem.

Unfortunately weather it is professional diplomats or the novice, there are too many people who want to derail, divert and deny the truth to accomplish there own goals. This happens simultaneously on many different fronts and platforms creating an image of the way people perceive things whether they are right or wrong. Religion, governments, national parties, corporations, schools, lobbies, media and the list goes on and on; The leaders of these institutions working together with the ones they are allied with in goals and principles. Here stands the great divide that polarizes people on to one side or the other making it harder if not impossible to come together in understanding and agreement in areas of disagreement.

Only by creating, opening and linking more channels of communication. Can the creation of new ideas come about for other people to propagate and build on. with the help of its many members could become one of the main branches of the Olive Tree of peace with a white dove on top. The forces for peace and justice must use every peaceful avenue to confront the forces of war and violence. Including the pen, the courts, governments, public and private institutions. Let the lies and misdeeds of the past be put out in the open so they can be corrected and dealt with. Only by airing ones dirty laundry can it become clean. David


Thank you for this convoluted Grade 1 post. You must realize that MePiss is a anti Israel platform created by self serving gay activists and Islamofascist collaborators.

Just a simple question as i am having trouble deciding.

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