Friday, January 28, 2011


Palestinian’s Slowocaust

Over the last sixty years the United Nations, often with the United State’s single vote vetoes in the United Nations Security Council has failed in bringing long term peace and security into the Holy Land creating the Palestinian’s Slowocaust. The Goldstone Report highlights only thirty-six cases out of thousands that have taken place over the last sixty plus years. Justice Richard Goldstone a self proclaimed Zionist Orthodox Jewish person who recognizes some of the crimes of war that took place in Gaza durning December 2008 - January 2009 period. Whether they are War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity or Crimes Against Civilization they are crimes the Israelis have committed in their quest for the Greater Jewish State of Israel. They have raped the indigenous people of Palestine, from their land, freedom, and dignity. Similar to what the early American settlers and American government did in brainwashing people into believing that vast majority of the American Indians were “savages” so too the Israelis have tried to brainwash the people of the world into believing that the Palestinian people are terrorists.

If the Palestinian’s true story was ever heard or seen, would anybody ever believe it, or would it be dismissed as propaganda? During the Holocaust many European Jewish people and the black people in South Africa during Apartheid asked the same questions. When the government of Germany and South Africa were on evil courses many people and nations remained complaisant for too many years. They are not the only two nations with unsavory history as part of their past. The true story in the creation of United States of America and the American Indians and slavery has never really been understood by the majority of the American people. For the last sixty plus years many generations of Palestinian people have been asking the very same question. How can the nations of people of the world not see what is happening to us and let it go on for so long?

If you were to compare the Palestinian’s Slowocaust to the Jewish Holocaust there are great differences as well as some similarities. In the Holocaust there was much more of a focus on the quickest and most efficient way of killing great numbers of people that were labeled as undesirables by the Nazis. Mainly Jewish people, gypsies and homosexuals were killed with very little damage done to property. In contrast in the Palestinian Slowocaust there is mush less killing and much more property damage and confiscation of land. A very well organized and international financed operation by the Jewish Israelis to gain control of the land, with the Jewish National Fund being one of the main early cornerstones of this operation.

The Germany Nazis were and the Israelis today are very focus on developing the most sophisticated military arms. Both nations being leaders in the arms race of their time. With the Nazis using no restraint of the use of their modern weapons of the time to kill. The Israelis have for the most part used great restraint with their weapons of death in their quest to control the land. The German Nazis did not have to confiscate a great amount of land from the Jewish people of Europe because for the most part at the time Jewish people rich or poor could not own land in Europe. Where in the Palestinian Slowocaust it is over the control of land that is historically known as the Holy Land with Jerusalem being the crown jewel.

For over the last sixty plus years the Palestinian crisis has only been cycles of bad to worse. The truth to the bad is rarely heard by the people in the Western world. The worst is that too many people in the Western world really do not have a clue to the real facts on the ground. Yes there’s a hand full of Israeli victims in this conflict compared to a nation of Palestinian people. The Israeli government up until now has been winning the information war in the United States. Making many of the American people believe that the Jewish people of Israel are the victims and the Palestinians are the terrorists.

Many people have compared the Palestinian crisis to the times of the Apartheid South African government or the Holocaust. When there are great differences between them. Hence the word Slowocaust was coined to describe the Palestinian crisis of today and yesterday. A holocaust with a small {h} happened in Haiti’s earthquake of January of 2010. Great amount of destruction and mass death all at once where the word Holocaust with a capital {H} refers to the Jewish Holocaust only.

Any nation of people who have their homes, farms, and villages raped from them while being imprisoned as a nation of people with little to no dignity left. With the visions of justice, peace and hope dying in the ashes of the ruins of their nation. There are bound to be many out bursts of violence towards their captors. Any nation of people who have collectively suffered for as long as the Palestinian people while at the hands of another nation’s people are clearly the victims. The definition of slowocaust;

slowocaust |slōəˌkôst;
1 destruction or slaughter on a mass scale over the course of a long period of time: to imprison, collective punish and the rape the indigenous people of their land and dignity.
(the Slowocaust) the mass destruction and take over of the Palestinian people’s homes, farms, olive orchards, cities and villages while being under military occupation of the Israeli Defense Forces for over forty years.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tucson Shooting

ABC-AM radio and Fox national TV are the hubs for the born again conservative talk show hosts that have been inflaming the discourse in America’s national political forum. They have raised the level of rhetoric to a level of total insanity while they go off laughing all the way to the bank. They are equivalent of people who yell fire in a movie theater while they are shooting off their flame throwing guns. Saying it is not their fault the building was already on fire. How can you talk and reason with people that have this kind of nature?

The vast majority of people on the left-liberal side and right-conservative side would agree that the 22-year old Jared Loughner is personally responsible for the Tucson shootings. It sounds like he planned it out alone and was not a very stable person. Dropped out of high school, without a job for more than six months, rejected from serving in the United States Army and was thrown out of a local community college. A nut case by most people standards who like many other nut cases in America could go out and buy a handgun made for mass murder in a number of states.

Now here is where the right and left will disagree on some of the contributing factors that surround the Tucson shooting case. The fact that Jared Loughner mental disorder was not picked up and dealt with before this happen. The fact that a mental ill and unstable person can buy a semi automatic pistol with a thirty round clip in the State of Arizona legally. The fact that the rhetoric of one or group of insane persons loudly broadcasted over and over can sometimes drive another unstable insane person over the deep edge. The fact that Jared lived in a state that gun culture is held as high as the American Flag. None of these possible contributing factors takes the responsibility away from Jared Loughner in his horrible and malicious actions.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Reform Not Repeal the Obama Health Care Plan

The Tea Party and Born Again Conservatives that want to repeal the Obama Health Care Plan with no concrete replacement plan on hand are playing a dangerous game of politics. If they instead said let us repeal ABC... and add on 1,2,3... to improve our over all health care system. Then there would be a sense that something could be accomplished for the better. To criticize and tear down with no real plan of replacement is too much of what we have going on in Washington today.

Just look and think about the official name of the bill that the Tea Party-Born Again Conservative Republicans came up with to repeal the recently passed Obama Health Care bill. The name is “H.R.2 Repealing the Job Killing Health Care Law Act. There is nothing good in this name. It is rather inflammatory, misleading, and threatening to the many millions of American people who recently lost their jobs and health care benefits no fault of Obama Health Care reform bill. No matter how low the Presidents ratings go down, Congress has always been lower.

If the Conservative Republicans are willing to name a bill as such maybe this is were much of the inflammatory and divisive rhetoric stems from. Scaring and dividing the American people even more than they are now durning these very trying times. Maybe if the Conservative Republicans would start by changing the word “Repealing” to “Reforming” and the word “Killing” to “Improved”. It will help set a different tone in Washington and the country in the discussion of “Reforming the Jobs Improved Health Care Bill”. Having the ABC... of repeal and the 1,2,3,.. of the add on will also help greatly improve the tone of debate for a better bill.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Wars & Guns of the Born Again Conservatives

The second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States the “Right to Bear Arms” that was adopted on Dec 15, 1791. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Are these not the same local people we are fighting in Iran and Afghanistan today? The United States military has been fighting and disarming the Militias in Iran and Afghanistan. Losing thousands of young American lives and tens of thousands have come home maimed and injured for the rest of their lives. Never mind we have spent nearly a trillion dollars in the process.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) founded in 1871 the pro Gun people say the more guns in the hands of the American people the safer Americans will be. There is no compromise it is a Constitutional guarantee right that was written in stone in 1791. For any American politician to challenge the NRA is almost guarantee political suicide. The NRA is the strongest and most powerful special interest lobby in Washington DC with American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) a close second. With the State of Israel receiving over three billion dollars of United States military aid annually.

The Pro Gun and Pro go to War people are strongly united as born again conservatives who challenge any reform to our gun laws and foreign military policies. Such as trying to control the borders of Iran and Afghanistan while disarming their Militias. At a time when the United States government cannot even control our own borders and regulate the guns in our own country. Because of a lack of balance in many of our government policies the insane politics of the political right prevailed. Such as in the United States we regulate, control and limit cigarette smokers and car owners more than gun owners. A drivers license is a privilege not a God given right.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Do Not Get in the Cross Hairs of my Peace Sign

The inflammatory rants from the far right and too but much less degree from the far left have inflamed the extremists on both sides. There are big differences between the two. First of all look at the size, scope and rhetoric from each side. The born again conservatives side who we all know very well by their high media ratings are the first who use their bull horns crying out for more endless wars in the name of national security at any cost. While wanting to cut back on domestic humanitarian programs that serve the middle class and needy at home. The left who challenge the born again conservatives on more endless wars are labeled as being anti patriots, commies, and traitors to our great nation.

The conservative right pounding the drums for more endless war and the and the liberal left pounding the drum for more peace. The left saying we need to reform the health care system and social programs and less wars with more diplomacy. The right saying we need smaller government while destroying our social safety network letting big business and individuals run the country with no checks and balance. The conservative right perspective is what is best for me and my country and the liberal left perspective is what is best for us as a nation of people and the other nations of the world.

The majority of people from both sides would agree on that there is too much government waste and abuse of our tax dollars. It is where and how they are abused and wasted they would mostly disagree. The conservative right wants to be the military police of the world dictating and controlling the ways of other nations of people in the name of our nation’s national security. With little to no regard of the customs and cultures of the indigenous people of the land. Just look at the history of the broken treaties with the American Indians in the United States expansionism for total control of the land and its natural resources.

The born again conservative right went after Obama Health Care in a similar viral manner as the liberal left went after stopping the endless wars of choice in Afghanistan and Iraq. The conservatives on the right had no problem spending over a hundred billion dollars annually on two endless wars of choice for almost ten years. While they blame the liberal left for our economic problems and big government spending we have at home. When the Bush tax cuts, military spending and the two Bush wars of choice have added more to our national debt than all of the other federal government unfunded discretionary programs added together.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Congresswomen Cosponsor Nan Hayworth Repealing the Jobs Killing Health Care Law Act

Newly elected Congresswomen Nan Hayworth of the 19 district in New York is part of the Tea Party fervor to hit Washington DC. FreedomWorks financed by the billionaire Koch brothers with Dick Army the President. Teaming up with Glen Beck and Sarah Palin and now Congresswomen Hayworth. Congresswomen Hayworth a cosponsor of H.R.2 Repealing the Job Killing Health Care Law Act and H.R. 21 Short Title “Reclaiming Individual Liberty Act” and official title “To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the mandate that individuals purchase health insurance.” Representatives Nan Hayworth and Ann Marie Buerkle from the 25 district in New York are the only two cosponsors of H.R. 21 to repeal healthcare reform that are from the Northeast.

With Congresswomen Nan Hayworth getting the majority of her money for her campaign from Medical PAC’s, people in the medical field and her own self financing of over a half a million dollars. She and her husband are both doctors. Doctor Scott Hayworth is a senior advisor at Arsenal Capital Partners a private equity firm that manages over 800 million dollars. Doctor Scott Hayward is also President and Chief Executive Officer of the Mount Kisco Medical Group (MKMG) with 235 physicians. MKMG is a multi-million dollar operation that receives millions of dollars annually from the insurance companies and government for medical services that are rendered. So who is Congresswomen Hayworth serving in her cosponsor of the H.R. 2 bill Repealing the Jobs Killing Health Care Law Act.

It is not like Congresswomen Hayworth does not have any horses in health care reform. Yet on her official government and personal website she offers no alternative solutions other than repeal of Obama Health Care. She and her family have made millions of dollars off our health care system. Where is Doctor, now Congresswomen Hayworth outline of a better health care system? Or is she in Washington DC serving to protect the current status-quo of profit in health care for her family and partners in the medical field that helped finance her campaign for Congress.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Where is the Civility in America

Why should the American people be surprised that a moderate member of the United States Congress got shot in an open to the public “meet & greet” in Tucson, Arizona. Commonly known as the “wild, wild west” in a city where an ABC affiliate TV station is KGUN channel 9. Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords just won a very close and nasty election against a Republican Tea Party candidate in the wild, wild west. In a nation and time where the people are very polarized and divided on what is the right way and wrong way for the future of our great nation.

Whether it is some of Fox News commentators and people such as Sarah Palin and some members of the Tea Party, the seeds they have sown have come to reap in the mass murders in Tucson, Arizona. The belligerent rhetoric of too many born again conservatives towards their opponents is endangering the future security of our nation. Note the name of the bill before Congress “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law.” Who is Congress serving by naming and promoting such a bill?

Now many members of Congress personally feel threaten and insecure by the mass murders that happen in Tucson because one of there own were directly targeted. Last week Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords proposed a bill to cut congressional members pay by five percent. As a reaction to the Tucson massacre the Republican House leaders postpone the vote on Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law that was schedule for Wednesday. Instead they are going to reconvene on Monday and take up the matter of there own personal security for themselves, their families and staff.

With Congress approval rating near all time lows and the political rhetoric between the political right and left near all time highs. At a time when too many American families are in dire-straits with no jobs, losing their homes and health care benefits. In a nation where to own a gun is a Constitutional guarantee right and medical care is a privilege for those people who can afford to pay for it or those people who have absolutely nothing and our government pays for it. The United States Congress has many very important issues on their plate that personal effects many millions of people all around the world. It is time for Congress to step up to the plate to take care of the business before them in a responsible and conscious manner.

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