Sunday, January 16, 2011


Reform Not Repeal the Obama Health Care Plan

The Tea Party and Born Again Conservatives that want to repeal the Obama Health Care Plan with no concrete replacement plan on hand are playing a dangerous game of politics. If they instead said let us repeal ABC... and add on 1,2,3... to improve our over all health care system. Then there would be a sense that something could be accomplished for the better. To criticize and tear down with no real plan of replacement is too much of what we have going on in Washington today.

Just look and think about the official name of the bill that the Tea Party-Born Again Conservative Republicans came up with to repeal the recently passed Obama Health Care bill. The name is “H.R.2 Repealing the Job Killing Health Care Law Act. There is nothing good in this name. It is rather inflammatory, misleading, and threatening to the many millions of American people who recently lost their jobs and health care benefits no fault of Obama Health Care reform bill. No matter how low the Presidents ratings go down, Congress has always been lower.

If the Conservative Republicans are willing to name a bill as such maybe this is were much of the inflammatory and divisive rhetoric stems from. Scaring and dividing the American people even more than they are now durning these very trying times. Maybe if the Conservative Republicans would start by changing the word “Repealing” to “Reforming” and the word “Killing” to “Improved”. It will help set a different tone in Washington and the country in the discussion of “Reforming the Jobs Improved Health Care Bill”. Having the ABC... of repeal and the 1,2,3,.. of the add on will also help greatly improve the tone of debate for a better bill.

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