Thursday, January 13, 2011


Do Not Get in the Cross Hairs of my Peace Sign

The inflammatory rants from the far right and too but much less degree from the far left have inflamed the extremists on both sides. There are big differences between the two. First of all look at the size, scope and rhetoric from each side. The born again conservatives side who we all know very well by their high media ratings are the first who use their bull horns crying out for more endless wars in the name of national security at any cost. While wanting to cut back on domestic humanitarian programs that serve the middle class and needy at home. The left who challenge the born again conservatives on more endless wars are labeled as being anti patriots, commies, and traitors to our great nation.

The conservative right pounding the drums for more endless war and the and the liberal left pounding the drum for more peace. The left saying we need to reform the health care system and social programs and less wars with more diplomacy. The right saying we need smaller government while destroying our social safety network letting big business and individuals run the country with no checks and balance. The conservative right perspective is what is best for me and my country and the liberal left perspective is what is best for us as a nation of people and the other nations of the world.

The majority of people from both sides would agree on that there is too much government waste and abuse of our tax dollars. It is where and how they are abused and wasted they would mostly disagree. The conservative right wants to be the military police of the world dictating and controlling the ways of other nations of people in the name of our nation’s national security. With little to no regard of the customs and cultures of the indigenous people of the land. Just look at the history of the broken treaties with the American Indians in the United States expansionism for total control of the land and its natural resources.

The born again conservative right went after Obama Health Care in a similar viral manner as the liberal left went after stopping the endless wars of choice in Afghanistan and Iraq. The conservatives on the right had no problem spending over a hundred billion dollars annually on two endless wars of choice for almost ten years. While they blame the liberal left for our economic problems and big government spending we have at home. When the Bush tax cuts, military spending and the two Bush wars of choice have added more to our national debt than all of the other federal government unfunded discretionary programs added together.

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