Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tucson Shooting

ABC-AM radio and Fox national TV are the hubs for the born again conservative talk show hosts that have been inflaming the discourse in America’s national political forum. They have raised the level of rhetoric to a level of total insanity while they go off laughing all the way to the bank. They are equivalent of people who yell fire in a movie theater while they are shooting off their flame throwing guns. Saying it is not their fault the building was already on fire. How can you talk and reason with people that have this kind of nature?

The vast majority of people on the left-liberal side and right-conservative side would agree that the 22-year old Jared Loughner is personally responsible for the Tucson shootings. It sounds like he planned it out alone and was not a very stable person. Dropped out of high school, without a job for more than six months, rejected from serving in the United States Army and was thrown out of a local community college. A nut case by most people standards who like many other nut cases in America could go out and buy a handgun made for mass murder in a number of states.

Now here is where the right and left will disagree on some of the contributing factors that surround the Tucson shooting case. The fact that Jared Loughner mental disorder was not picked up and dealt with before this happen. The fact that a mental ill and unstable person can buy a semi automatic pistol with a thirty round clip in the State of Arizona legally. The fact that the rhetoric of one or group of insane persons loudly broadcasted over and over can sometimes drive another unstable insane person over the deep edge. The fact that Jared lived in a state that gun culture is held as high as the American Flag. None of these possible contributing factors takes the responsibility away from Jared Loughner in his horrible and malicious actions.

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