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Palestinian’s Slowocaust

Over the last sixty years the United Nations, often with the United State’s single vote vetoes in the United Nations Security Council has failed in bringing long term peace and security into the Holy Land creating the Palestinian’s Slowocaust. The Goldstone Report highlights only thirty-six cases out of thousands that have taken place over the last sixty plus years. Justice Richard Goldstone a self proclaimed Zionist Orthodox Jewish person who recognizes some of the crimes of war that took place in Gaza durning December 2008 - January 2009 period. Whether they are War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity or Crimes Against Civilization they are crimes the Israelis have committed in their quest for the Greater Jewish State of Israel. They have raped the indigenous people of Palestine, from their land, freedom, and dignity. Similar to what the early American settlers and American government did in brainwashing people into believing that vast majority of the American Indians were “savages” so too the Israelis have tried to brainwash the people of the world into believing that the Palestinian people are terrorists.

If the Palestinian’s true story was ever heard or seen, would anybody ever believe it, or would it be dismissed as propaganda? During the Holocaust many European Jewish people and the black people in South Africa during Apartheid asked the same questions. When the government of Germany and South Africa were on evil courses many people and nations remained complaisant for too many years. They are not the only two nations with unsavory history as part of their past. The true story in the creation of United States of America and the American Indians and slavery has never really been understood by the majority of the American people. For the last sixty plus years many generations of Palestinian people have been asking the very same question. How can the nations of people of the world not see what is happening to us and let it go on for so long?

If you were to compare the Palestinian’s Slowocaust to the Jewish Holocaust there are great differences as well as some similarities. In the Holocaust there was much more of a focus on the quickest and most efficient way of killing great numbers of people that were labeled as undesirables by the Nazis. Mainly Jewish people, gypsies and homosexuals were killed with very little damage done to property. In contrast in the Palestinian Slowocaust there is mush less killing and much more property damage and confiscation of land. A very well organized and international financed operation by the Jewish Israelis to gain control of the land, with the Jewish National Fund being one of the main early cornerstones of this operation.

The Germany Nazis were and the Israelis today are very focus on developing the most sophisticated military arms. Both nations being leaders in the arms race of their time. With the Nazis using no restraint of the use of their modern weapons of the time to kill. The Israelis have for the most part used great restraint with their weapons of death in their quest to control the land. The German Nazis did not have to confiscate a great amount of land from the Jewish people of Europe because for the most part at the time Jewish people rich or poor could not own land in Europe. Where in the Palestinian Slowocaust it is over the control of land that is historically known as the Holy Land with Jerusalem being the crown jewel.

For over the last sixty plus years the Palestinian crisis has only been cycles of bad to worse. The truth to the bad is rarely heard by the people in the Western world. The worst is that too many people in the Western world really do not have a clue to the real facts on the ground. Yes there’s a hand full of Israeli victims in this conflict compared to a nation of Palestinian people. The Israeli government up until now has been winning the information war in the United States. Making many of the American people believe that the Jewish people of Israel are the victims and the Palestinians are the terrorists.

Many people have compared the Palestinian crisis to the times of the Apartheid South African government or the Holocaust. When there are great differences between them. Hence the word Slowocaust was coined to describe the Palestinian crisis of today and yesterday. A holocaust with a small {h} happened in Haiti’s earthquake of January of 2010. Great amount of destruction and mass death all at once where the word Holocaust with a capital {H} refers to the Jewish Holocaust only.

Any nation of people who have their homes, farms, and villages raped from them while being imprisoned as a nation of people with little to no dignity left. With the visions of justice, peace and hope dying in the ashes of the ruins of their nation. There are bound to be many out bursts of violence towards their captors. Any nation of people who have collectively suffered for as long as the Palestinian people while at the hands of another nation’s people are clearly the victims. The definition of slowocaust;

slowocaust |slōəˌkôst;
1 destruction or slaughter on a mass scale over the course of a long period of time: to imprison, collective punish and the rape the indigenous people of their land and dignity.
(the Slowocaust) the mass destruction and take over of the Palestinian people’s homes, farms, olive orchards, cities and villages while being under military occupation of the Israeli Defense Forces for over forty years.

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