Saturday, October 31, 2009


Introduction Slowocaust

For over sixty years the United Nations often with a United States veto in the United Nations Security Council has failed in bring long term peace in the Holy Land creating the Slowocaust. The Goldstone Report highlights only thirty-six cases out of thousands that have taken place over the last sixty plus years. Justice Richard Goldstone a self proclaimed Zionist Orthodox Jewish person recognizes some of the crimes of war that took place in Gaza durning December 2008 - January 2009. Whether they are War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity or Crimes Against Civilization the Israelis in their quest for the Greater Jewish State of Israel. They have raped the indigenous people of Palestine, from their land, freedom, and dignity. As the early American settlers- American government brainwash people into believing that vast majority of the American Indians were savages so too the Israelis have tried to brainwash the people of the world into believing that the Palestinian people are terrorists.

What makes the founding and creation of the modern State of Israel more complex is the long history that goes with the land and the fact that from a British Mandate to a United Nations Resolution 191 in 1948 the new State of Israel was created. Turning the land of one people over to another people by the international community of nations for the very first time. Today Israel possess the largest- strongest military forces and military industrial complexes in the Middle East. The United States and the State of Israel have two of the world largest and most sophisticated Military Industrial Complex. It is an accepted unofficial fact that the State of Israel possess a hundred plus nuclear war heads at a time the United States and most nation around the world call for a “Nuclear Free Middle East.” At a time that Israel-United States government as well as other nations of the world are threatening the use of military force to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

The Goldstone Report is only the first of many steps that must be taken to right some of the many wrongs that have been done in the past. Then the questioned becomes how far do you go back logically to prosecute the crimes that have been committed. The history of the region has some very clear timelines For over five hundred years up until World War I the Holy Land was under the control of the Ottoman Empire. From the end of World War I to the end of World War II the Holy Land was under the control of the British Empire. In 1948 the United Nations passed Resolution 191 creating the modern State of Israel. The timeline of prosecution should be three of the four part of the Slowocaust The first part from 1900’s to 1947 should be used as a foundation of understanding. Part II of the Slowocaust from 1948 to 1968 should carry hold less weight in of prosecution that the third Slowocaust between 1969 and 2009. With the fourth part of the Slowocaust going forward holding the most weight in terms of prosecution.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Israel Must Reform

The Goldstone United Nations report has hit a nerve with the Israeli government because it high-lights one piece of the truth that has gone on for decades. The true facts on the ground and the realities of truth are clearly in the Palestinian people’s favor. United States Ambassador Susan Rice called for the an end to “anti-Israel vitriol” attacks at the United Nation in Jerusalem while the United States-European and the State of Israel play out two weeks of war games. The United States and the State of Israel are the master of mass media manipulation of the truth to cover their path of sins and crimes of the past. Prime Minister Netanyahu address to the United Nation in Sept. 2009 epitomizes this so well. Talking about the Goldstone Report, Holocaust and the Islamic terrorists as Israeli’s right to do anything to defend her self.

What the State of Israel has done in the name of defense is to create a Slowocaust with a very sophisticated high tech military industrial complex over the last sixty years. Today it is only Israelis that can make better military hardware and software than the United States military industrial complex. For two weeks they will test the software and hardware of these missiles near Gaza and the West Bank where the Palestinian people have been living imprisoned under Israel military control for years. So something as simple as a plane helicopter, or jet flying over head has a totally different meaning and feeling that someone who lives under imprisoned occupation for so long.

The latest military actions the State of Israel that has done outside borders of Israel proper must be investigated and those worthy of trial must be tried before the International Court of Law. Including the bombings, military attacks and occupation of Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, West Bank and Iraq. Only after the State of Israel has been held accountable for its illegal military and social action against the Palestinian people and dramatic internal political changes are made. Then the State of Israel should be respected as South Africa and Germany are today within the global community of nations.

So if United States Ambassador Susan Rice wants to bring an end to the “anti-Israel vitriol” attacks by the international community of nations. Have the United States government put the pressure on the government of Israel to change her evil ways of today and to make amends with the Palestinian people. The transformation of Germany and South Africa would have never taken place without the global international pressure being applied. The same kind of international pressure has to be applied on the State of Israel to make the reforms that are needed to gain acceptance and respect within the international community of nations.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Is Real Ill

Any fair minded human being of any good faith that checks out the true realities on the ground in the Holy Land, would realize how many War Crimes the Israelis have inflicted onto the Palestinian people over the last sixty plus years. The United Nations has passed more U.N. Resolutions condemning the Israeli government treatment and actions they have taken against the Palestinian people. Every time there are International Peace Talks the situation on the ground only gets worst for the Palestinian people. The Israelis have imposed conditions onto the Palestinian people that can only be compared to the Jewish Ghettos in Europe durning the 30’s and 40’s and the South African Apartheid times.

The Israeli government has and wants to maintain total control over the Holy sites in Jerusalem, not allowing any free travel of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza. Constantly closing the borders of the West Bank and Gaza to trade and international humanitarian supplies. All in the name of Israel’s National Security. The Israeli have created such deplorable conditions for so long that many of the Palestinian people have lost all hope in a good life.

Today Israel’s exports more military related hardware and software than anything else (dollar wise). Over the last sixty years the State of Israel has built one of the worlds most advance high tech military industrial complexes while claiming to be the victim of the Palestinian rock throwing-suicide bomber and the home made rockets set off by the Palestinian youths. While the Israelis bomb the Palestinian people from the sky, bulldoze their houses from the ground and imprison them all around with three plus billions of dollars annually coming from the United States in military aid.

The real truth has been kept out of the mainstream American media more so than in Europe and Israel. The Israeli people that are against their government’s actions and policies towards the Palestinian people are treated in a similar manor as the anti-war people and organizations in the United States as enemies of the state. With the hate-war mongering people treated as the patriots. The following are some links to the Palestinian side of the the story that are rarely in the headlines of the mainstream mass media.

Palestinian Links

Monday, October 12, 2009



At the end of World War II the Germany Nazi regime was seen as the clear villain and the Jewish people as the clear victims opening the door to the creation of the modern Jewish State of Israel. No one of any real significance called for the destruction of Germany and its people but the call for major reform and restriction on the future ways of the Germany society and the prosecution of those Nazis who committed War Crimes. In an attempt to make things right among the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust the State of Israel was created under United Nations Resolution 191. Creating a homeland for millions of European and former Soviet Union Jewish people.

Today in State of Israel proper the traffic sign are printed with three languages Hebrew, English, and Russian. Clearly it was the Palestinian people who paid the price for the German Nazis War Crimes with their blood. The Jewish Zionist will tell you that there was never a country called Palestine and there were no Palestinian people. They were Arabs and they have all of this other land. That God Promised the Jews this land. For over one-hundred years the Jewish Zionist have gotten away with murder, rape, fraud, lies, and wars while claiming to be the victim of anti-Semitism. Today it is many of the European and former Soviet Union Jewish Holocaust survivors descendants that are inflicting the many of same condition on the Palestinian people today. With the major exception of the Nazi’s death camps the Israel government has systematically persecuted and displaced millions of Palestinian people.

If the Israel Zionists owned up to the truth in how the State of Israel became the state it today. They would have many of the same moral conflicts Americans would have in the founding and early development of the United States. The Nazi’s Holocaust went on for approximately thirteen years. The Zionist’s Slowocaust has gone on for over sixty years with no end insight.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


State of Israel is a Terrorist Jewish State

The Palestinians, Arab nations as well as the nations of the world should recognize the terrorist Jewish State of Israel. The acts of Israeli Jewish terror against the indigenous Palestinian population for over sixty years has been very well documented, but it has not been heard and understood by Americans people. The true story is more understood by the American Jewish community that divided into two major camps as are the Israelis people. One side unconditionally supports the official Israeli government position for the Greater Israeli Jewish State plan and the other side question many of the Israeli government actions and policies toward the Palestinian and Arab people.

If there is a place that is a man made hell on earth it would be Gaza. The Israeli government will be the first to tell you that they pulled their troops and settlers out of Gaza in 2005. They won’t tell you that they have nearly a million and half Palestinian people caged in, almost totally cut off from the outside world. The Israeli Defense Forces have destroyed thousands of Palestinian people’s homes while stopping tons of foreign humanitarian aid reaching the Palestinian people. The Israelis control almost all of the electricity, fresh water, border trade, and seaports of the people in Gaza and the same holds true to the Palestinian people in the West Bank. The Palestinian people are cut off from seeing their family members and Holy sites in Jerusalem and other places.

The long recorded pattern of abuse and torment in a collected fashion against the Palestinian people has gone on far too long by the Israelis. The State of Israel by design is a Jewish State with little to no room for anyone else with the Israeli government owning and controlling 93% of the land for Jewish use only. Over the years the Israeli government’s actions and policies have created a lot of hatred and animosities in the Palestinian and Arab world that is over flowing into the rest of the world. It is the disposition-al use of military force by the Israelis, who are unconditionally supported by the United States government and Jewish main street institutions that outrages those people who are really informed to the true realities on the ground.

The Israeli government calls it a fence while the vast majority of the world sees it as a wall. It is only the United States government and American Christian people who are blinded by the Israeli lies. It is the double standard that the United States and State of Israel maintain that has divided the world into us verses them. Putting both nations in a no win situation over the course of time.

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