Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Is Real Ill

Any fair minded human being of any good faith that checks out the true realities on the ground in the Holy Land, would realize how many War Crimes the Israelis have inflicted onto the Palestinian people over the last sixty plus years. The United Nations has passed more U.N. Resolutions condemning the Israeli government treatment and actions they have taken against the Palestinian people. Every time there are International Peace Talks the situation on the ground only gets worst for the Palestinian people. The Israelis have imposed conditions onto the Palestinian people that can only be compared to the Jewish Ghettos in Europe durning the 30’s and 40’s and the South African Apartheid times.

The Israeli government has and wants to maintain total control over the Holy sites in Jerusalem, not allowing any free travel of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza. Constantly closing the borders of the West Bank and Gaza to trade and international humanitarian supplies. All in the name of Israel’s National Security. The Israeli have created such deplorable conditions for so long that many of the Palestinian people have lost all hope in a good life.

Today Israel’s exports more military related hardware and software than anything else (dollar wise). Over the last sixty years the State of Israel has built one of the worlds most advance high tech military industrial complexes while claiming to be the victim of the Palestinian rock throwing-suicide bomber and the home made rockets set off by the Palestinian youths. While the Israelis bomb the Palestinian people from the sky, bulldoze their houses from the ground and imprison them all around with three plus billions of dollars annually coming from the United States in military aid.

The real truth has been kept out of the mainstream American media more so than in Europe and Israel. The Israeli people that are against their government’s actions and policies towards the Palestinian people are treated in a similar manor as the anti-war people and organizations in the United States as enemies of the state. With the hate-war mongering people treated as the patriots. The following are some links to the Palestinian side of the the story that are rarely in the headlines of the mainstream mass media.

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