Monday, October 12, 2009



At the end of World War II the Germany Nazi regime was seen as the clear villain and the Jewish people as the clear victims opening the door to the creation of the modern Jewish State of Israel. No one of any real significance called for the destruction of Germany and its people but the call for major reform and restriction on the future ways of the Germany society and the prosecution of those Nazis who committed War Crimes. In an attempt to make things right among the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust the State of Israel was created under United Nations Resolution 191. Creating a homeland for millions of European and former Soviet Union Jewish people.

Today in State of Israel proper the traffic sign are printed with three languages Hebrew, English, and Russian. Clearly it was the Palestinian people who paid the price for the German Nazis War Crimes with their blood. The Jewish Zionist will tell you that there was never a country called Palestine and there were no Palestinian people. They were Arabs and they have all of this other land. That God Promised the Jews this land. For over one-hundred years the Jewish Zionist have gotten away with murder, rape, fraud, lies, and wars while claiming to be the victim of anti-Semitism. Today it is many of the European and former Soviet Union Jewish Holocaust survivors descendants that are inflicting the many of same condition on the Palestinian people today. With the major exception of the Nazi’s death camps the Israel government has systematically persecuted and displaced millions of Palestinian people.

If the Israel Zionists owned up to the truth in how the State of Israel became the state it today. They would have many of the same moral conflicts Americans would have in the founding and early development of the United States. The Nazi’s Holocaust went on for approximately thirteen years. The Zionist’s Slowocaust has gone on for over sixty years with no end insight.

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