Sunday, October 11, 2009


State of Israel is a Terrorist Jewish State

The Palestinians, Arab nations as well as the nations of the world should recognize the terrorist Jewish State of Israel. The acts of Israeli Jewish terror against the indigenous Palestinian population for over sixty years has been very well documented, but it has not been heard and understood by Americans people. The true story is more understood by the American Jewish community that divided into two major camps as are the Israelis people. One side unconditionally supports the official Israeli government position for the Greater Israeli Jewish State plan and the other side question many of the Israeli government actions and policies toward the Palestinian and Arab people.

If there is a place that is a man made hell on earth it would be Gaza. The Israeli government will be the first to tell you that they pulled their troops and settlers out of Gaza in 2005. They won’t tell you that they have nearly a million and half Palestinian people caged in, almost totally cut off from the outside world. The Israeli Defense Forces have destroyed thousands of Palestinian people’s homes while stopping tons of foreign humanitarian aid reaching the Palestinian people. The Israelis control almost all of the electricity, fresh water, border trade, and seaports of the people in Gaza and the same holds true to the Palestinian people in the West Bank. The Palestinian people are cut off from seeing their family members and Holy sites in Jerusalem and other places.

The long recorded pattern of abuse and torment in a collected fashion against the Palestinian people has gone on far too long by the Israelis. The State of Israel by design is a Jewish State with little to no room for anyone else with the Israeli government owning and controlling 93% of the land for Jewish use only. Over the years the Israeli government’s actions and policies have created a lot of hatred and animosities in the Palestinian and Arab world that is over flowing into the rest of the world. It is the disposition-al use of military force by the Israelis, who are unconditionally supported by the United States government and Jewish main street institutions that outrages those people who are really informed to the true realities on the ground.

The Israeli government calls it a fence while the vast majority of the world sees it as a wall. It is only the United States government and American Christian people who are blinded by the Israeli lies. It is the double standard that the United States and State of Israel maintain that has divided the world into us verses them. Putting both nations in a no win situation over the course of time.

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