Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today's News Tomorrow's Intifada

Let us not beat around the bush and get right to the point. Without dealing with the Jewish religious extremists settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem there is bound to be another out break of violence. Today's news tomorrow's Intifada. Please check out (In Depth) the four Videos and tell me this does not make your blood boil. I challenge you to find any videos of Palestinians evicting any Israelis out of their house like the Jewish pompous ass in this video.

Living in Fear of Evictions

Al Jazeera English - Middle East - Israel 'to keep' parts of West Bank http://english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2010/01/20101241728970...

The facts on the ground in this conflict are very clearly seen by the world’s people on the internet. What really happens in the Middle East no longer stays in the Middle East like the old days pre-Internet. Maybe this is why so many people around the world hate the governments of the State of Israel and the United States. It is Not because of our Freedom and Democracy.

Wake-up and see the reality on the ground before it is too late. Without the United States government unconditional financial and military support the State of Israel could not afford all of these actions and policies. This makes the United States a partner in any of Israel’s War Crime. Look for United States military for Israel; http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/RL33222.pdf

It is clear to most rational people in the world who has the power and control to change the cycle of violence in this conflict. Maybe the Israelis would not receive two and half to over three and half billion dollars annually from the United States if there was no Palestinian conflict. David

Monday, January 18, 2010


War Crimes Charges for Peace

Historically speaking while the peace summits, conferences, or talks have been going on the worst it has gotten for the people of Palestine. While the Israeli government continues to expand and build more illegal settlements in the West Bank and demolishing the homes and farms of the Palestinian people. Only the Israelis have gained ground durning the peace talk by changing the so called realities on the ground at the expense of the Palestinian people.

That is why it is time for the international community to unite in bringing this conflict to an end. The only way forward maybe through the International Criminal Court. Charging the United States, State of Israel and Hamas with War Crimes. It is quite evident to the vast majority of the people in the world that there will be no peace in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the current course. This is why it is time for the International Court to intervene with a trial and a verdict that will be imposed onto all of the parties involved. Peace and Justice will have to be imposed for what is in the best interest of all of the people in Palestine and Israel.

The purpose of this trial is to find a just and balance settlement that will bring long lasting peace and security to the people on all sides. With some of the similar conditions and restriction placed on the State of Israel and Palestine as were place on Germany and Japan after the trials of World War II. Hopeful the State of Israel and Palestine will follow some of example of the former South African Apartheid Government by adopting some of their own reforms. These two ways combined will work but one will not work without the other.

Yes we can expect all three defendants to protest and not show up for the trials. This is where the international community of nations have to come together and unite and speak with one voice. Today the governments of Germany and Japan are very well respected among the international community of nations for their balance between diplomacy and military forces that are used to help in building peace. This is not the case for the United States and State of Israel were there is a clear abuse of military power and a lack of diplomacy that is not balance, fair and just. David

Friday, January 15, 2010


Haiti’s holocaust

The great wrath of mother nature has hit the people of Haiti’s for the world to see. Changing the people of the worlds perceptive to the way thing are seen in the world around them. The United Nation Peace keeping Forces and the international NGO’s going into a disaster of Biblical proportion. It is a holocaust that happened in one day for a moment similar to an atomic holocaust. Whether it is a man made or nature created holocaust the long living consequences are very similar. There is no ways in correcting the great wrongs that have been done to so many Haitian people in this holocaust. You can only try to help the victims that are still living in making there lives better.

There are different stages of shock that evolve over time depending upon ones proximity and ties to the epic center of such a great disaster. The crying pain of the people of Haiti are heard loud and clear today by the people of the world. With the worst part of the pain and sorrow yet to come. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be raised and thousands of volunteers from all over the wold will go to Haiti to help. The Israeli government one of many nations sending a medical teams to create a medical trauma centers in Haiti. The scars of the living victims of Haiti and volunteer workers will live on far beyond the memory of majority of the people around the world.

Today the international mass media can cover live the natural disaster in Haiti. Tomorrow the situation will become too dangerous for them and the international volunteer relief workers. As the shock wears off and the condition worsen in a very bad situation that was not to good to begin with. Lawlessness and chaos are going to hinder the international relief efforts. The United Nations with a budget the approximate size of the University of Minnesota is totally is going to be over whelmed by this crisis.

What good could ever come out of such a natural holocaust as in Haiti. Very little for Haitians people at the epic center but for many millions of people around the world it could be an eye opener to how fortunate they really are. Unfortunately it takes such a holocaust in pulling the nations of the world armies together to do humanitarian work. Maybe some of the Haitian lessons taught at schools all around the world, will influence the children in what they want to be when they grow up for the better. May the pain and sorrow of the people of Haiti be a lesson to so many people around the world to how fortunate they really are.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Palestine Internet Guide

The Palestinian Internet guide is designed to help you study the Palestinian side of the crisis. The Pro-Israel side has a great influence over the mainstream information we receive in America. The Internet can bring information right from the horse’s mouth. Because of the economic and political strangle hold the Israelis have over the Palestinian establishment, most of the information is from people and organizations outside of Palestine.

This Internet guide will help you get to pro Palestinian think tanks, government and private intuitions, publications and actives. Where one get their information is as important as the information its self. Unfortunately when the government or establishment tells a lie or mistruth it becomes a fact for the time being. This is a big part of the problems in the Middle East today. Rarely is the truth heard over the lies. Although this is a Pro Palestinian Guide the goal is to get closer to the true understanding of the problems.

PLO Negotiations Affairs Department

For the latest news about what is going on in Palestine from the United Nations perspective this is a good site.

Palestine Media Center

The Israeli Information Center For Human Rights in the Occupied Territories – The Israelis who want justices for the Palestinian people.

American Task Force on Palestine – This is probably the United States strongest Pro-Palestinian group.

Reports from Rafah Palestine – This site has great pictures capturing the suffering and destruction of the Palestinian society.

Maps of the Middle East

If American Knew – This site contains many good charts and up to date information about the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.

MIFTAH The Palestinian Initiative for Promotion of Global Dialog & Democracy –This site contains many good links to other Pro-Palestinian sites.

Palestine Internet News Sources


Arab World News


Palestine Chronicle

Washington Report on Middle East

Pro-Israel Side
National Action Committee Political Action Committee – This site show how well organized and entrench the Pro-Israeli side is in American politics.

Israeli News

Useful Information

One must know their adversary before they can understand the answers to the problems. This guide is created so you can get to the other side of the story that you cannot get in the mainstream American media.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Palestinians & Israelis Want Peace

I don’t think there are any people on either side (Palestinian, Israeli) that want things the way they are today that have any creditability at all. The question is not if the Jewish State of Israel has the right to exist. For that is a given.

These are the questions that have to be honestly addressed before there will be long lasting peace:
How can the Palestinians and Israelis people live on one land coexisting in peace and prosperity?
How can the Palestinian people be compensated for their great losses?
How does Israel want to be perceived as a nation on her seventy-fifth birthday by the international community of nations?
What is a balance and fair settlement that will bring justice to both sides?
How will peace and prosperity be implemented to both sides?

If these questions could be answered without spinning off to “What about this" trying to pass off blame to others. The reality on the ground would change rather quickly on both sides. An end to the way thing are now is the first step. Retaliation is not the way to peace. Occupation is not a way to peace. Collective punishment and imprisonment is not a way to peace. Sporadic rocket fire and suicide bombers are not a way to peace. Home demolition and targeted assassinations are not the way to peace.

The ways to peace. More building than destroying. Prosperity and security on both sides. For the people on both sides to live with dignity, and freedom to travel and practice their religious beliefs in peace. The nation of people who have more power and control are more responsible for the way things are today. That there are far more victims on the Palestinian side than there are on the Israeli side in this crisis.

If the standard of living of the Palestinian people was raised closer to the Israelis level we would not be facing most of the problems we face today. Yes there will always be the loose cannon that will try to derail peace especially given the religious location. They have to be prevented and isolated treated as an individual case. The actions of a few cannot impede on what is in the greater interest of society as a whole.

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