Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Palestinians & Israelis Want Peace

I don’t think there are any people on either side (Palestinian, Israeli) that want things the way they are today that have any creditability at all. The question is not if the Jewish State of Israel has the right to exist. For that is a given.

These are the questions that have to be honestly addressed before there will be long lasting peace:
How can the Palestinians and Israelis people live on one land coexisting in peace and prosperity?
How can the Palestinian people be compensated for their great losses?
How does Israel want to be perceived as a nation on her seventy-fifth birthday by the international community of nations?
What is a balance and fair settlement that will bring justice to both sides?
How will peace and prosperity be implemented to both sides?

If these questions could be answered without spinning off to “What about this" trying to pass off blame to others. The reality on the ground would change rather quickly on both sides. An end to the way thing are now is the first step. Retaliation is not the way to peace. Occupation is not a way to peace. Collective punishment and imprisonment is not a way to peace. Sporadic rocket fire and suicide bombers are not a way to peace. Home demolition and targeted assassinations are not the way to peace.

The ways to peace. More building than destroying. Prosperity and security on both sides. For the people on both sides to live with dignity, and freedom to travel and practice their religious beliefs in peace. The nation of people who have more power and control are more responsible for the way things are today. That there are far more victims on the Palestinian side than there are on the Israeli side in this crisis.

If the standard of living of the Palestinian people was raised closer to the Israelis level we would not be facing most of the problems we face today. Yes there will always be the loose cannon that will try to derail peace especially given the religious location. They have to be prevented and isolated treated as an individual case. The actions of a few cannot impede on what is in the greater interest of society as a whole.

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