Friday, January 15, 2010


Haiti’s holocaust

The great wrath of mother nature has hit the people of Haiti’s for the world to see. Changing the people of the worlds perceptive to the way thing are seen in the world around them. The United Nation Peace keeping Forces and the international NGO’s going into a disaster of Biblical proportion. It is a holocaust that happened in one day for a moment similar to an atomic holocaust. Whether it is a man made or nature created holocaust the long living consequences are very similar. There is no ways in correcting the great wrongs that have been done to so many Haitian people in this holocaust. You can only try to help the victims that are still living in making there lives better.

There are different stages of shock that evolve over time depending upon ones proximity and ties to the epic center of such a great disaster. The crying pain of the people of Haiti are heard loud and clear today by the people of the world. With the worst part of the pain and sorrow yet to come. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be raised and thousands of volunteers from all over the wold will go to Haiti to help. The Israeli government one of many nations sending a medical teams to create a medical trauma centers in Haiti. The scars of the living victims of Haiti and volunteer workers will live on far beyond the memory of majority of the people around the world.

Today the international mass media can cover live the natural disaster in Haiti. Tomorrow the situation will become too dangerous for them and the international volunteer relief workers. As the shock wears off and the condition worsen in a very bad situation that was not to good to begin with. Lawlessness and chaos are going to hinder the international relief efforts. The United Nations with a budget the approximate size of the University of Minnesota is totally is going to be over whelmed by this crisis.

What good could ever come out of such a natural holocaust as in Haiti. Very little for Haitians people at the epic center but for many millions of people around the world it could be an eye opener to how fortunate they really are. Unfortunately it takes such a holocaust in pulling the nations of the world armies together to do humanitarian work. Maybe some of the Haitian lessons taught at schools all around the world, will influence the children in what they want to be when they grow up for the better. May the pain and sorrow of the people of Haiti be a lesson to so many people around the world to how fortunate they really are.

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