Monday, January 18, 2010


War Crimes Charges for Peace

Historically speaking while the peace summits, conferences, or talks have been going on the worst it has gotten for the people of Palestine. While the Israeli government continues to expand and build more illegal settlements in the West Bank and demolishing the homes and farms of the Palestinian people. Only the Israelis have gained ground durning the peace talk by changing the so called realities on the ground at the expense of the Palestinian people.

That is why it is time for the international community to unite in bringing this conflict to an end. The only way forward maybe through the International Criminal Court. Charging the United States, State of Israel and Hamas with War Crimes. It is quite evident to the vast majority of the people in the world that there will be no peace in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the current course. This is why it is time for the International Court to intervene with a trial and a verdict that will be imposed onto all of the parties involved. Peace and Justice will have to be imposed for what is in the best interest of all of the people in Palestine and Israel.

The purpose of this trial is to find a just and balance settlement that will bring long lasting peace and security to the people on all sides. With some of the similar conditions and restriction placed on the State of Israel and Palestine as were place on Germany and Japan after the trials of World War II. Hopeful the State of Israel and Palestine will follow some of example of the former South African Apartheid Government by adopting some of their own reforms. These two ways combined will work but one will not work without the other.

Yes we can expect all three defendants to protest and not show up for the trials. This is where the international community of nations have to come together and unite and speak with one voice. Today the governments of Germany and Japan are very well respected among the international community of nations for their balance between diplomacy and military forces that are used to help in building peace. This is not the case for the United States and State of Israel were there is a clear abuse of military power and a lack of diplomacy that is not balance, fair and just. David

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